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Mark Zuckerberg’s Internet.orgR...

Mark Zuckerberg’s’s Project Launches in Ghana, a partnership between Facebook and six mobile phone companies (Samsung,Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera Software, and Qualcomm) has finally launched in Ghana. Below is what the facebook founder wrote on his page. Today we’re launching in Ghana — giving... read more »

Jumia 2014 Overview
How JUMIA Redefined e-commerce in 2014; ...

How JUMIA Redefined e-commerce in 2014; empowering Nigeria and Nigerians

2014 has been a record breaking year for e-commerce and Jumia in Nigeria, and to end the year, the Jumia team have released an infographic with amazing facts, figures and records broken in 2014. Since Jumia’s launch in 2012, the team has been committed to empowering Nigerians, building trust in... read more »

yuzah (1)
Lagos, Nigeria: Buy Diesel on Mobile wit...

Lagos, Nigeria: Buy Diesel on Mobile with Yuzah

Yuzah is an app that enables you order diesel using your mobile phone. Order using your mobile phone and a truck will deliver it to your location at no additional cost. Yuzah is only available for Android, but I am sure that the developers have plans for iOS, Windows Phone, and/or BlackBerry in the... read more »

Lumia 730 Captures Selfie With 1,151 Peo...

Lumia 730 Captures Selfie With 1,151 People – Photo

Made for selfies is the official tagline of the Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM. To live up to that Microsoft (in partnership with Coca Cola) used its mid-range Windows Phone offering to set a world record for most people captured in a single selfie. The result is a group shot of at least 1,151 people... read more »

Success Driven by Innovation and Technol...

Success Driven by Innovation and Technology – The Techno Mobile Story

All successful brands the world over share one key element in their success story and that is hard work. TECNO Mobile is not left out in this universal trend of unique brand development, high quality product offerings, affordability and improvement…improvement….improvement. TECNO Mobile... read more »

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Imagine you are standing by the mystical wishing well and asked to visualize your dream high-end smart phone, how wild can your imagination go? Can your imagination capture a smart phone... read more »


How is redefining online classifieds for Nigeria

When Evans, a Nigerian trader in Alaba International market heard about a website where he could post up a product advert for free, browse great deals from thousands of real people and get... read more »

Konga marketplace 2

MUST READ: Put Your Business on The Biggest Online Mall For FREE

This is a must read for all business owners; Today marks a turning point for Nigerian businesses- roadside, small, medium and Large, as, Nigeria’s Largest Online Mall announces... read more »


See Your Life In Facebook Eyes, as they celebrate 10-year anniversary with personalized ‘L...

Tears, laughter, high-fives and passionate speeches were the stories at Facebook HQ yesterday as the Social media giants celebrated its tenth year anniversary. Looking back at Facebook’s... read more »

Facebook Team Visit’s Headquarters Konga Wins CEAN Awards.

Facebook Team Visit’s Headquarters As Konga Wins CEAN A...

In an obvious show of how fast-paced is progressing as an emerging ecommerce powerhouse in Nigeria and Africa at large, a 12 member team of the social media giant,, paid a... read more »