10:22 am - Thursday October 23, 2014


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Success Driven by Innovation and Technol...

Success Driven by Innovation and Technology – The Techno Mobile Story

All successful brands the world over share one key element in their success story and that is hard work. TECNO Mobile is not left out in this universal trend of unique brand development, high quality product offerings, affordability and improvement…improvement….improvement. TECNO Mobile... read more »



Imagine you are standing by the mystical wishing well and asked to visualize your dream high-end smart phone, how wild can your imagination go? Can your imagination capture a smart phone with an ultra-thin dimension only 7.8mm thick? Can it accommodate extreme detail in imaging that only a dual... read more »

How Tradestable.com.ng is redefining onl...

How Tradestable.com.ng is redefining online classifieds for Nigeria

When Evans, a Nigerian trader in Alaba International market heard about a website where he could post up a product advert for free, browse great deals from thousands of real people and get phone calls that translate to sales for his business, he laughed it off as a lie. Two years later and... read more »

Konga marketplace 2
MUST READ: Put Your Business on The Bigg...

MUST READ: Put Your Business on The Biggest Online Mall For FREE

This is a must read for all business owners; Today marks a turning point for Nigerian businesses- roadside, small, medium and Large, as Konga.com, Nigeria’s Largest Online Mall announces the opening up of its trading platform for all Nigerians to sell online. Konga which only last year announced... read more »

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See Your Life In Facebook Eyes, as they celebrate 10-year anniversary with personalized ‘L...

Tears, laughter, high-fives and passionate speeches were the stories at Facebook HQ yesterday as the Social media giants celebrated its tenth year anniversary. Looking back at Facebook’s... read more »

Facebook Team Visit Konga.com’s Headquarters Konga Wins CEAN Awards.

Facebook Team Visit Konga.com’s Headquarters As Konga Wins CEAN Awards

In an obvious show of how fast-paced Konga.com is progressing as an emerging ecommerce powerhouse in Nigeria and Africa at large, a 12 member team of the social media giant, Facebook.com,... read more »


Is 2014 the Year Bitcoin Wave Will Finally Reach The Shores of Nigeria?

If the first thing that comes to your mind from this article is – What is Bitcoin? then, I can categorically confirm that you are either not a tech enthusiast or you are living in a... read more »


Konga.com invites you to the screening of the documentary”Crocodile in the Yangtze&#...

Be inspired in 2014! – Come and meet the top internet entrepreneurs while learning how Alibaba.com became the dominant force in Chinese eCommerce beating ebay in the process.  The... read more »


Konga’s CEO Personally Delivers The Largest Single Order on Konga...

Yesterday, iROKOtv boss – Jason Njoku bragged on Twitter about making the largest single order on Konga ever. @Simdul @ShopKonga I think I just put in the largest single order ever on... read more »