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Help! My Husband Is Acting Funny, He Bro...

Help! My Husband Is Acting Funny, He Brought His Girlfriend Home

I married my husband about five years ago. Before I got married to him there were three of them that were going after me. My husband was the least person I had expected to get married to of the three people. Apart from the fact that he was a lit bit older than me, he was not the trendy type and he... read more »

Please Advise: Two women are pregnant fo...

Please Advise: Two women are pregnant for me at the same time

My longtime girlfriend and I are expecting our first child together and are planning to marry in December. But I was also seeing someone on the side and she’s also pregnant. To be honest I feel bad because she was a virgin and she’s very young – just 19. I am 33. I don’t... read more »

Her Mouth Odour Experience With A Handso...

Her Mouth Odour Experience With A Handsome Guy

Met this very cute guy on my way out I was in a hurry so we exchanged numbers. He called me and we got talking. After some weeks, He asked to come and visit me… He eventually came, we started talking, suddenly this guy started making some funny moves, I was just looking at him. He held my... read more »

My Fiance Was A Lesbian, Should I Still ...

My Fiance Was A Lesbian, Should I Still Marry her?

I met her in a church program in December last year. I proposed to her in January and she accepted. my life in the past 4 months with her has been a dream come true. I showed her off to family and friends at will even in facebook. We even attended a leadership training program for two weeks where... read more »

‘My Husband Knows I Love Opening M...

‘My Husband Knows I Love Opening My Cleavage’ – Funke Ett...

Popular Yoruba actress, Funke Etti, tells Ademola Olonilua about her fashion Why is your face scarce on television? It is a deliberate move and I have two reasons for my action. The first reason is piracy which is killing our industry. The second reason is because of my television programme which... read more »

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At 29, She’s Still Bed Wetting Please Help Her!

Hello my fellow readers, my girlfriend has been suffering right from her childhood till now, please is there any solution for her because this bed-wetting issue is becoming something else.... read more »

Sad black girl

I Dated 12 Men & Had 7 Abortions; Should I Tell My Fiance?

I’m in my early 20s and in love with a 28-year-old man. He has a good job and he is quite nice to me. I always feel that any girl who is not a virgin should not marry him. We have been... read more »

Sad black girl

Help! My Dad is Cheating on My Mum, Should I Expose Him?

I am a 26 year old lady and will be getting married in June. Unfortunately for me I found about two months ago that my dad is cheating on my mum. I didn’t say anything cuz I do not... read more »


April Fool Gone Bad, He Won’t Even Talk To Me

He is abroad, this morning to play on him I sent him a message on watsapp that I slept with another guy last month and I just discovered I’m pregnant now the guy wants to marry me, he... read more »


Is It Right For A Married Woman To Be Dressing In Front Of Her Yo...

It happened last Thursday when my brother-in-law came back from school because of the election. I was outside the house doing some stuff when I heard my wife and her brother arguing over a political... read more »