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Would You Accept An Extra Luggage After ...

Would You Accept An Extra Luggage After Your Traditional Marriage?

Frederick got married a forth night ago in umuahia. After the traditional marriage ceremony was over, his father in-law thank him for making the family proud and advice him on how to make his marriage work. In the process his father in-law told him that it is their tradition that any daughter from... read more »

How Do I Overcome My Fear of Marriage

How Do I Overcome My Fear of Marriage

I came from a broken home, which set off wen I was 12, my rich dad became broke and my mum was having none of it. Fights arguments for the next 10 years left scars emotionally on me, in the end my dad became “broker” and my mum became richer with 5 houses and exotic cars, she did not... read more »

Help! How Can I Reverse A Curse I Placed...

Help! How Can I Reverse A Curse I Placed On a Rapist?

For the purpose of confidentiality I will like to be referred to as Grace. While in secondary, ss2, I dated a guy in a Federal polytechnic. We became close but never had sex. I made sure we always saw in the open. Then one day he told me his best friend just got back from UK and was lodged in a... read more »

True Confession – My House Girl is...

True Confession – My House Girl is Tempting me, What Should I do?

I will simply go straight to the point, as I would not want to give very explicit details about myself. This is for some obvious reasons. My wife is very sharp, I mean, she is such an intelligent woman and can easily trace this true confession to me. For the fact that I love her so much, I cannot... read more »

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Should I Leave My Boyfriend Because My Pastor Asked Me To Leave Him?

I’m in a relationship with a man that I love so much and vice versa. This man does everything and anything you can think of for me. We both make each other happy. Since the day me... read more »


Help! I am Pregnant For My Uncle, Should I Go For an Abortion?

I am a 19 year old lady. My parents have been separated since I was about 8, and I’m an only child. Since I was about 12 years old, I have been engaging in a sexual affair with my... read more »


I Think My Husband is Cheating on Me, I Don’t Want To Die of High BP

Am seriously hurting inside. My husband and I had issues last year over one particular girl that calls him all d time, in my presence he won’t pick her calls but he will go outside 2... read more »


I had five abortions for my Ex, now I may be barren

I dated this nincompoop for four years and in that four years, I had five abortions for him. The last abortion was particularly traumatic. We broke up four years ago and within a year he... read more »


My Loving Husband Has Crossed His Boundary. How Do I Forgive Him?

Good day WDN, I am having issue with my husband for 3days now. We have been sleeping in separate rooms, I have stopped making food for him and washing his clothes. This morning, I saw him doing the... read more »