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“Please Help, I Found Out She Is P...

“Please Help, I Found Out She Is Possessed After We Took An Oath̶...

What should I do now, please? When we took an oath, we were blinded by love. I wanted to restrict but if I didn’t take the oath with her, she won’t believe every word I said before. Now I found out she is possessed by an evil spirit, how can I take it back? read more »

True Story: How my father disvirgined me...

True Story: How my father disvirgined me, sent me out

I’m now sojourning in a strange land. I decided to run away from my homeland, from my village and from my state. I decided to run away from the curse placed on my family by the gods. Even though I’m now hundreds of kilometers away from my hometown, the ghost of my past deeds haunts me, and I... read more »

After Dating For 3 Years Without Sex, Sh...

After Dating For 3 Years Without Sex, She Is Getting Married To Someone Els...

I met this beautiful damsel while serving(NYSC) in Imo State in 2013. She accepted to date me on one condition (NO SEX before marriage). I gladly accepted. Our love was a major gist in town because she is a beauty queen. I so much loved her with all my heart..She was a virgin and I so much... read more »

My Brother’s Fiancee Is An Ex-pros...

My Brother’s Fiancee Is An Ex-prostitute Have Slept With. Should I Te...

In 2012, I was transferred to ibadan. I have lots of girlfriends in lagos and don’t want to date any new girl in ibadan, so me and my friend that was transferred to ibadan together became regulars at a brothel. Me and my friend had just 2 customers we patronize. 6 months later (early 2013) I... read more »

arguing couples
Who should resign if a couple work in th...

Who should resign if a couple work in the same organisation?

A newly married couple is having a tough decision to make about who should give way in their organisation. In some organisations, there is policy on ground that a husband and his wife cannot work in the same place and if such happens, the couple must decide who should give way to the other. This... read more »

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total brutality

Total brutality: My Father Almost Beat Me To Coma For Asking Him For Money I Borrowed Him

She sent these photos in, said her father attacked her after she asked him for money she borrowed him. How do you batter your grown up daughter like this? See more photos after the... read more »


Help: My neighbour’s wife is trying to seduce me

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Should I Marry My Pregnant Secretary Since My Wife Couldn’t...

Hello my name is Aniebiet Udoh, i am from Akwa Ibom State, I am A Christian and I am 44 Years old but am having troubles in my matrimonial home. My wife and I had been married for 14 Years now but no... read more »