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True Confession: How Her Father Disvirgi...

True Confession: How Her Father Disvirgined & Threw Her Out

I’m now sojourning in a strange land. I decided to run away from my homeland, from my village and from my state. I decided to run away from the curse placed on my family by the gods. Even though I’m now hundreds of kilometers away from my hometown, the ghost of my past deeds haunts me, and I... read more »

My husband cheated just two days after o...

My husband cheated just two days after our wedding

I got married on December 18th and I found out just yesterday that my husband had sex with another woman on December 20th. We didn’t go for our honeymoon until the 22nd and I can’t believe he was telling me he loved me and laying with me when he cheated just two days after our wedding.... read more »

HELP: I Found Out My Girlfriend Had Sex ...

HELP: I Found Out My Girlfriend Had Sex With My Best Friend On The New Year...

I discovered One of my closest pal whom i had lived with for over two years had sex with my girlfriend in his house. My friend use to have a party on the 1st of January yearly, after the watch night service we go to his place to catch fun with other invited people. While the party was going on we... read more »

My Brother is Sleeping With His Best Fri...

My Brother is Sleeping With His Best Friend’s Girl

My elder brother is currently having an affair with his best friend’s girlfriend, who is also a close friend. My brother confided in me and I don’t want to confront her about it. She would get angry with my brother for telling me what they did if she knew, and I’d feel bad about spoiling the... read more »

Should I Leave My 5 Months Old Husband F...

Should I Leave My 5 Months Old Husband For My Boss – Single Mom

I am a Lady in my early 30s who is a single mom but now married to my fiance of 13 months. I got married about 5 months ago to a man I thought was God fearing, loyal and had my interest at heart. The thought of cheating on him has never crossed my mind, but I think he pushed me out. Before our... read more »

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He Wants To Kill Me With Sex On Our Honeymoon

I just wish to share my honeymoon bitter and sweet experience for you and also get inspiration. A little Intro to how it all started: So i met this guy during the course of work in my... read more »


At 27yrs I’ve Slept With 40 Men, Yet I Am Still Single

This year, I celebrated my 27 th birthday. I took a good look at my celebration party full of people smiling, dancing, enjoying themselves with the music and food for the occasion. Standing... read more »


Confession: I Slépt With My Driver Just To Have Children For My Husband

This is the story of my life: I am not a loose woman. I am just a woman who loves her husband very much and didn’t want to lose him. I just did what I had to do to save my marriage even... read more »


How Do I Advise Her, My Younger Sister Thinks She Is In Love

My immediate younger sister and I are very close…like super close…..I’m about 6 years older than her but we’re pals….we talk about almost everything…We... read more »


Dear readers: I’m losing my man because of my inability to ...

“I and my man have been dating for some time now. We have great se-x but the problem now is that I can’t have an orgasm. He is not happy with it and sent me a message saying ”how... read more »