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My Wife Over Spiritual Orientation Is Dr...

My Wife Over Spiritual Orientation Is Driving Me Nuts!!!

I have been married for 4years now, recently my wife listened to a preaching on the issue of jewelries,trousers and makeup. Suddenly she changed and since then she have been making herself unattractive in the name of church activities. Sincerely she is making me to loose interest on her, I have... read more »

My Married Ex Wants To Compensate Me, Sh...

My Married Ex Wants To Compensate Me, Should I Take It?

I was with him for almost three years on and off. we were in different cities during the duration of the relationship but with regular visits. this man mistreated me, i was never happy with him, in fact its the worst relationship i have ever had. theres nothing that he didnt do to me except... read more »

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OMG: The Rough Guy I Slept With Knows My...

OMG: The Rough Guy I Slept With Knows My Boyfriend

I’m in a very good relationship with a very good, fun, loving man. Let’s call him Francis, though that’s not his real name. He’s 34, I’m 28, we’ve been together for about 6 months now. Everything is perfect, we are both committed to building a future together.... read more »

I Was Told That My Girlfriend is a Free ...

I Was Told That My Girlfriend is a Free Giver, Should Go Ahead With Our Eng...

I have a mind boggling issue I would like you to share with fellow readers I met my girlfriend late last year during my company’s end of the year party and ever since then we have become inseparable. We have even set a November date for our engagement this year. I was however jolted last... read more »

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My fiancee never picks his calls when I’m around, Should I be worried?

I’ve been dating my fiance for 2 yrs and whenever I visit him, his phone is always on silent and he gets lots of missed calls, sometimes when the phone is not on silent, he rejects... read more »


Help! I’ve Slept With My Best Friend’s Fiance, Should I tell Her?

I’m a 27years old lady who manages a restaurant at Ikeja. However I am in a fix and I need the advice of your readers on this one. l have been friends with this lady (I will call her Sade... read more »


She Just Want Me Around Her Without Romantic Involvement; What Does This Mean

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My Fiance Has Slept With All My Friends In Lagos

I’m engaged to a man who has dated at least six of my friends. I’ve lived abroad since I was 16 and only returned to Nigeria last year. Apparently he’s one of hottest... read more »


Help! My Husband Hasn’t Slept With Me Since We Got Married –...

My husband and I were raised in conservative religious families. It was natural for us that we had to wait until after marriage to consummate our relationship. To be honest, we never even kissed or... read more »