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My husband sometimes picks his calls whe...

My husband sometimes picks his calls when we’re having sex

My husband is in the habit of picking his calls when we are having sex. He would pick his phone and actually talk into it while he’s pumping away. I find it so annoying. I’ve told him severally to stop but he says it’s not a big deal. His voice is usually coordinated when... read more »

He Masturbates Twice A Day; Will It Affe...

He Masturbates Twice A Day; Will It Affect Him In The Future?

Hello my name David am 24 years of age. l loose interest towards girls when the girl love most broke my heart, I don’t have any urge of asking a girl out, though when I see beautiful girls I admire them. About a year ago when my girlfriend dumped me I started satisfying myself through... read more »

7 Signs To Know That You Are Madly In Lo...

7 Signs To Know That You Are Madly In Love

We all have been through that feeling when we see that someone special and our stomach is filled with thousand butterflies, or we literally skip a heartbeat when we see them. And no matter how lame their jokes are we always find it funny. However, there are many times, when we just don’t want... read more »

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7 Ways To Know That She Is Not A Virgin

7 Ways To Know That She Is Not A Virgin

It is a well known fact that spotting if she’s a Virgin is best determined through direct inspection as most times, it is difficult to distinguish virgins and non-virgins behaviourally. More often than not, ladies that flirt a lot are most certainly not virgins so are the attractively shy and... read more »

Help: He Is 36, Still Stays With His Par...

Help: He Is 36, Still Stays With His Parents And Wants To Marry Her

From our Inbox: Read Below; She is my client and this is the story. He is 36years of age, still lives with his mum, feels very lazy and scared to do anything for himself to generate income, depends on his mum for virtually everything because she is rich, had never taken any form of responsibility... read more »

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Help! My Boyfriend’s Father Is Flirting With Me

I don’t know what to do… should I tell my boyfriend and destroy the relationship he and his father have or keep quiet and continue putting up with this shameful thing??!? Its disgusting... read more »


At 27 He Has Slept With 46 Girls, Now He Wants To Marry

A 27 years old male who has slept with over 46 different ladies now wants to settle down with a wife. Denis (not his real name) began his sex life at a very tender age due to the enviroment he was brought up. Denis a graduate from one of the nation’s foremost university who read sociology could be describe as a hardworking guy. He makes his... read more »

She Is Married But Keeps Begging Me For Sex – I&#...


Please am confuse and I don’t know what to do. I can’t bear it any more. My Ex is getting married next month April and she is from Enugu. Due to... read more »

My Friend Has Been Seducing Me – I’m Confus...


Lately, I and my girlfriend have been having problems so we broke up two weeks ago and immediately my best friend heard about it she has been behaving weird.... read more »

My Friend and My Wife Are Having An Affair!


My childhood friend got appointed into a very juicy post and since then, my fortunes have changed. He’s thrown a lot of contracts my way and we’ve been... read more »

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Help: My fiancee does not like sex

My name is Ezekiel Amadi, I have been dating this girl for over three years now all I get is ” I hate sex”. At first I thought she was just forming but as time went on the... read more »


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How To Find Love – The Secret Law Of Attraction

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Take Note: 6 Sex Positions Most Women Love

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