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Should I Dump My Non-Graduate Boyfriend ...

Should I Dump My Non-Graduate Boyfriend For a Working Guy?

My boyfriend is yet to complete his degree program due to carryover he was having whereas i am through with my masters degree. my parents are worried saying that probably he has bn withdrawn from school, my friends are like i need to go for a working class boyfriend. But i knw this guy really loves... read more »

Confession – How A Married Man I Met On ...

Confession – How A Married Man I Met On BBM Almost Killed Me With S*X And D...

I am a graduate and currently serving in Kaduna. I could have runced it, but I needed somewhere to clear my head and forget about my ugly encounter. Here is my story. I happened to have a married man as a contact on my bbm. He had been asking me out for over six months and I refused to date him. As... read more »

Girl Confesses 1
”Why We Ladies Sleép With Differen...

”Why We Ladies Sleép With Different Men” – University Babe Open...

Here’s a message from a lady who said she want people to know the reason for their action:  ”Please readers, I just want to tell you that it’s not our fault that we go about servicing all kinds of men for the sake of money. Many guys do yahoo and armed robbery to survive but... read more »

For Single Ladies: The truth about findi...

For Single Ladies: The truth about finding a husband ‘in Nigeria’

I just moved back, you know I need to settle down and tap into the opportunities back home ‘cause there’s nothing out there for me’ This my friends is usually the first line you hear from one of these ‘I just got backs’ (IJGB) who just moved back home especially to Lagos looking for... read more »

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Would You Accept An Extra Luggage After Your Traditional Marriage...

Frederick got married a forth night ago in umuahia. After the traditional marriage ceremony was over, his father in-law thank him for making the family proud and advice him on how to make his... read more »


How Do I Overcome My Fear of Marriage

I came from a broken home, which set off wen I was 12, my rich dad became broke and my mum was having none of it. Fights arguments for the next 10... read more »

Help! How Can I Reverse A Curse I Placed On a Rapist?


For the purpose of confidentiality I will like to be referred to as Grace. While in secondary, ss2, I dated a guy in a Federal polytechnic. We became close but... read more »

True Confession – My House Girl is Tempting me, W...


I will simply go straight to the point, as I would not want to give very explicit details about myself. This is for some obvious reasons. My wife is very... read more »

Should I Leave My Boyfriend Because My Pastor Asked Me ...


I’m in a relationship with a man that I love so much and vice versa. This man does everything and anything you can think of for me. We both make each... read more »

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Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 6.32.50 AM

To The Ladies : 16 Truths You Should Know About Men

1 – The way to a man’s heart is no longer his stomach but the quality of your brain. 2 – If your man must be Tall, Dark and Handsome then be ready to be the 2nd best because what you... read more »


13 Ways You Know You’re Dating a Matured Man

1. You know where you stand. You are his girlfriend or you are a girl he’s dating but either way he’s not scared to define it. He’s not afraid that a girl will cry and run away if she... read more »

Portrait Of Young Couple Sitting In Park

5 Things Every Married Man Should Do Around Single Women

A wise man once told me that when I find myself around single women, especially when I find them attractive or interesting, I should mention my wife and family early in the conversation. I... read more »


10 Things Men Say When They Cheat

We don’t want it to be true, but sometimes men cheat and the first thing you shouldn’t do is blame yourself. Relationships can be difficult at times, but it is never a reason to cheat... read more »


Oyinbo Love: Man Proposes to His Girlfriend on The Air In Arik Pl...

The young man was given a different seat from his fiancée on the trip but that still did not stop him as he left his seat and walk down to hers, brought out a ring and, as usual, the girl said YES! ... read more »