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My Friend Has Been Seducing Me – I...

My Friend Has Been Seducing Me – I’m Confused

Lately, I and my girlfriend have been having problems so we broke up two weeks ago and immediately my best friend heard about it she has been behaving weird. She called me to her place and when i got there she was in her underwear and told me to help her pick out clothes to wear it took like ten... read more »

My Friend and My Wife Are Having An Affa...

My Friend and My Wife Are Having An Affair!

My childhood friend got appointed into a very juicy post and since then, my fortunes have changed. He’s thrown a lot of contracts my way and we’ve been able to complete our own house and change cars. He has also made my wife the official caterer of the establishment he works with and she too... read more »

Help! I have a fiancé but I am madly inl...

Help! I have a fiancé but I am madly inlove with Davido

I am a young lady who is madly in love with Adeleke David Adedeji (Davido). All my friends and family knows about my feelings, I don’t joke with him, nobody dare insult him in ma presence. If you wanna get me pissed, I guess that’s the only way you need to do it. The problem here is... read more »

Men Only: 7 Foods That Makes Men Active ...

Men Only: 7 Foods That Makes Men Active In Bedroom

Having a healthy s*x life plays an important part of our wellbeing. Low libid0 in men is much more common than we are lead to believe. There are many reasons why men can lose their s*x drive and simple factors like tiredness, stress, depression, certain medications (antidepressants and hypertensive... read more »

I took her in and she seduced and slept ...

I took her in and she seduced and slept with my husband

When a junior colleague was having personal problems, especially with her landlord, I let her move in with me and my husband. She’s young enough to be our daughter and I enjoyed her company. It was to be a temporary solution until she found alternative accommodation. Unfortunately, I’ve just... read more »

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Sad black girl

Help! Its Four Weeks To My Wedding But I Feel Like Running Away W...

It took me so much courage before I could come out here to share my problem. It all started in 2012 when I met my ex in Lagos and we kicked it off in a relationship but little did I know that he was... read more »

Sad black girl

True Confession: How Her Father Disvirgined & Threw Her Out

I’m now sojourning in a strange land. I decided to run away from my homeland, from my village and from my state. I decided to run away from the curse placed on my family by the gods. Even though I’m now hundreds of kilometers away from my hometown, the ghost of my past deeds haunts me, and I can’t sleep any more. This is the reason I have... read more »

My husband cheated just two days after our wedding


I got married on December 18th and I found out just yesterday that my husband had sex with another woman on December 20th. We didn’t go for our honeymoon... read more »

HELP: I Found Out My Girlfriend Had Sex With My Best Fr...


I discovered One of my closest pal whom i had lived with for over two years had sex with my girlfriend in his house. My friend use to have a party on the 1st... read more »

My Brother is Sleeping With His Best Friend’s Gir...


My elder brother is currently having an affair with his best friend’s girlfriend, who is also a close friend. My brother confided in me and I don’t want to... read more »

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black-couple-in-bed-spark1ne-com1 (1)

Reasons Why Many Guys Insist On Getting Into Ladies’ Pants ...

1. Ladies Who Don’t Allow Sex Often Misbehave I know that most ladies will disagree with this point but there’s an atom of truth in it. As a matter of fact, most ladies (not all though)... read more »