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7 Things We Often Forget To Thank Our Ex...

7 Things We Often Forget To Thank Our Exes For

Breaking up sucks. You’ve invested time, money, love and a part of yourself, ultimately for nothing. But was it really all for naught? It’s said that failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker, and ending a romantic relationship is no exception. When you go through a breakup, you should... read more »

5 Ways to Tell If He is Serious About Yo...

5 Ways to Tell If He is Serious About You | READ

In a world filled with casual sex, booty calls and non-exclusive relationships, how are you supposed to know if your relationship is headed somewhere? Look, dating isn’t easy. And finding a compatible partner has a lot more to do with blind luck than real persistence. But let’s be honest,... read more »

Why you should fall in love with someone...

Why you should fall in love with someone you barely even know

How awesome would it be if you could be in love all the time? I’m not even necessarily talking about being in love with the same person the whole time, but how exhilarating would it be if you could fall in love with a new person every time the last one didn’t work out? I feel like some people... read more »

Why a cheater will almost always cheat a...

Why a cheater will almost always cheat again

As a rule of thumb, if a loved one is cheating, rarely will you “find out” about it the first time. I was told this piece of advice, some time back when I first heard a “rumor” that I was cheated on, and although I didn’t really feel like speculating –I sat there, thinking to myself:... read more »

12 reasons why every girl wants a bad bo...

12 reasons why every girl wants a bad boy, but needs a good guy

People are pretty screwed up individuals — or, at least, that’s the way most of us come across. It seems as if almost every want and need we have is closely paired with its exact opposite. What we want and/or need seems to contradict itself continuously when observed over a stretch of... read more »

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Anonymous – She assured me she wouldn’t tell my wife we had...

I am just 30 and have a high s*x drive. I want it every day if I could get it, but my wife is happy with two or three times a week. Once in a while, she humours me by letting me have more, but I... read more »


How I Caught My Cheating Girlfriend Pants Down in Her Lecturer’s Office

Pardon my grammatical flaws. Note: This happened to me today 12 years ago. The memory always flashes me every 13/07 I met this lady in my second year in school. I went to a lecturer’s office who happens to be like a fatherly figure to me, then I saw this chick (Actually, it wasn’t the first time I would meet her there). So I quickly used that... read more »

Help! My Husband Is Acting Funny, He Brought His Girlfr...


I married my husband about five years ago. Before I got married to him there were three of them that were going after me. My husband was the least person I had... read more »

Please Advise: Two women are pregnant for me at the sam...


My longtime girlfriend and I are expecting our first child together and are planning to marry in December. But I was also seeing someone on the side and... read more »

Her Mouth Odour Experience With A Handsome Guy


Met this very cute guy on my way out I was in a hurry so we exchanged numbers. He called me and we got talking. After some weeks, He asked to come and visit... read more »

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black couple

10 Reasons Why Good Guys Never Get Good Girls

Well, for reasons not far-fetched; most men are categorised into two groups, the bad guys and the good guys. This may not be true as we believe that the ideal man is one that walks a fine... read more »


What To Do When You Find Yourself In Love With Your Best Friend

Have you ever been completely smitten by someone? Is that person somebody you consider to be a very good friend? Your best friend even? This goes out to those who know exactly what they... read more »

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5 Statements Guys Don’t Want To Hear From The Ladies

I believe the guys can’t deny the fact that they detest some of these statements so much whenever they hear it from their babes of female friends. Some of these statements (when... read more »

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5 Reasons Why Venting About Your Relationship Problems Is Not Helping

Here’s the problem society has nowadays: We tell our relationship issues to people who aren’t involved or may not really care as much as we think. A relationship is between two people,... read more »

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5 Most Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odour

Vaginal odour is nothing but an unpleasant odor that comes from the vagina. It can be caused due to bacterial or yeast infection, sexually transmitted disease and even due to poor sanitation. Vaginal... read more »