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Strange Deadly Disease Storm Ondo State ...

Strange Deadly Disease Storm Ondo State (Details)

Residents of Irele township in Ondo state have been hit by a deadly diseases. According to reports, the victims wake up blind, with a terrible headache and die within a few hours. At least 15 people who contracted the disease are feared dead. Ondo state Commissioner for Health, Dr. Dayo Adeyanju,... read more »

Practice safe sex: Ebola virus found in ...

Practice safe sex: Ebola virus found in semen six months after recovery – W...

Traces of Ebola have been found in the semen of a man six months after his recovery, the World Health Organization said Wednesday, urging survivors to practice safe sex “until further notice”. The man had been declared free of the deadly virus in Liberia last September, WHO spokesman Tarik... read more »

5 Foods to Eat Every Day for Perfect Ski...

5 Foods to Eat Every Day for Perfect Skin – Must See

Are you tired of using different expensive and ineffective beauty products? It’s time to throw away all those ineffective products and start eating foods for perfect skin. I went from terrible acne five months ago to not having acne now. It was hard, but it was possible, and less expensive than... read more »

4 poisonous foods every man MUST avoid a...

4 poisonous foods every man MUST avoid at all cost or else… (Take Note)

This article isn’t a health warning about those poisonous mushrooms living under that rock at the bottom of your garden. Nor is it about those Man vs Food challenges that come complete with a waiver form. Instead, the foods you’ll find on this list are much harder to identify — in fact, some... read more »

6 Plant-Based Foods That Boost Your Immu...

6 Plant-Based Foods That Boost Your Immunity

The plant world contains a natural army of foods that are ready to fight — infections, that is! Getting a steady supply of the following foods helps you build up immunity so that, when that cold comes for you, you may be able to block it entirely — or, at the very least, not let it affect you... read more »

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How to use your drugs properly without any consequences

Although most of the pharmaceutical firms are trying to push their products, you need to ask yourself is the medicine which they are providing good for you. This is a ruthless, commercial... read more »


Some healthy habits you should cultivate.

A healthy lifestyle is a peaceful one. We all don’t want to be sick at any time of our lives. Living healthy doesn’t have to be complicated; it can be easier than you think. It is just... read more »

A school official takes a pupil's temperature using an infrared digital laser thermometer in front of the school premises, at the resumption of private schools, in Lagos

WHO Declares Nigeria Ebola-Free, View The List Of Things We Did Right

The World Health Organization declared Nigeria free of Ebola on Monday, a containment victory in an outbreak that has stymied other countries’ response efforts. The milestone came at... read more »


Ponmo is dangerous for your health. See why…

Recently indications emerged that the Federal Government might place a ban on the selling and consumtion of ‘ponmo’ , Director-General of the Nigerian Institute of Leather... read more »


What Cannabis does to you

A 20-year study on the effects of long-term use of cannabis has demolished the argument that the drug is safe. Cannabis has been proved to be highly addictive, causes mental health problems and... read more »