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Man Commit Suicide because of his Wife (...

Man Commit Suicide because of his Wife (See Details)

A worker at a horse track in Chiang Mai hanged himself in front of the ticket booth yesterday due to his sexless marriage caused by a penis enlargement that gone wrong. The 45-year-old Bangkok native, identified as “Suea,” was found hanged by a nylon thread from the awning yesterday morning at... read more »

baby born with beads
Baby Born with Traditional Beads in Lago...

Baby Born with Traditional Beads in Lagos

A 52-year-old grandmother, Mrs. Funke Adamson, has ended up giving birth to a baby girl clutching white ‘Ileke’ (Yoruba name for beads) on her hands. Funke, a traditional worshipper said she was delivered of the baby that has now been described by many as a “miracle child” on Monday, May... read more »

baby without nose
See Photos of a Cute Baby Born Without N...

See Photos of a Cute Baby Born Without Nose

This adorably cute baby named Eli Thompson, is a 1 in 10 Billion baby. He was born with a rare condition known as Congenital Arhinia. It is a condition where the baby is born without a nose, and it is so rare there have only been 30 cases reported so far. Brandi, and Troy Thompson were not aware... read more »

OMG – Sons Kill Father, Mother in ...

OMG – Sons Kill Father, Mother in Enugu

The Enugu State Police Command is currently trying to unravel the circumstances that led to the murder of a father and a mother by their sons in separate incidents in the Coal City. The two bizarre incidents occurred within a space of two days, Sunday, April 26, and Monday, April 27, 2015, in... read more »

OMG – Goat with 6 Legs Born in Chi...

OMG – Goat with 6 Legs Born in China (Photos)

A goat was born with four forelegs and two hind legs in Chaohu, Anhui Province, eastern China few days ago. The unusual animal, who was nicknamed a spider goat, was born to two normal goats and his owner is still wondering what caused the mutation. Xiao Qibin, owner of the six-legged baby goat,... read more »

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Man Begs Court to Send Him Back to Prison

A convicted rapist, Trevor Byrne, 32, who was on the verge of being released from jail, pleaded with the police to return him back to prison as he would not be able to cope with the... read more »


Couple Stabs 10-year -old Girl in her Private Parts (Photo)

A 10-year-old girl, Chidinma, has been admitted at an undisclosed hospital after a couple – Eucheria Chukwuma and Jerry Oko-Oboh – allegedly beat her up and stabbed her in the private... read more »


Woman Delivers A Bouncing Baby Boy In A BRT Bus ( Photo)

Passengers on a Bus Rapid Transit going to the CMS area of Lagos on Wednesday were forced to become emergency midwives and labour attendants when a pregnant woman was delivered of a... read more »


Killing my Childhood Friend Wasnt My Intention – 17 years Old Girl Lament

Life for Chiemeriem Benjamin, who had a dream of becoming a banker, has come to a temporary halt as she accidentally killed her childhood friend, Lawrence Oloruntobi, during a minor... read more »


Man Pours Acid On His Girlfriend Because Of What His Pastor Told ...

22-year-old Ghanaian lady identified as Anita Otema (pictured above) has lost her left eye and parts of her body badly disfigured after her ex-boyfriend attacked her with acid at her Abeka Lapaz... read more »