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Man Caught Raping Goat And Then Strangle...

Man Caught Raping Goat And Then Strangles It

A man from South African has been caught raping a goat in Sharpeville, a report by City Press said. According to the newspaper, at around 18:30 on Friday a shepherd caught the man when he heard the goat frantically bleating, spokesperson of Gauteng police, Major Mack Mngomezulu said. “The man... read more »

drunk woman bite off mans lips
Drunk Woman Bites off Mans Lips and Ate ...

Drunk Woman Bites off Mans Lips and Ate it

A drunk woman bit off a man’s lip and ate it after being harrased for sexually harassing and touching other’s people’s boyfriends penis at a party. Katrina Morrison allegedly lunged at Martyn Ind, sinking her teeth in to his lip and ‘ripped at it like a dog’ when he... read more »

raining fish.
Shocking – It Rained Fish in Thail...

Shocking – It Rained Fish in Thailand Today (Photos)

This morning was a surprising one for the people of Thailand. They were shocked and amused when fish rained down from the sky. According to BBC World News; instead of raining water or snow it rained fish. God is powerful. Scientists are still confused about this mysterious event. The end of... read more »

Mother sets 7 year old son on fire for ...

Mother sets 7 year old son on fire for stealing her money

A woman in Rajasthan set her seven-year-old son on fire for stealing Rs.5, leaving him badly burnt, police said on Wednesday. The incident occurred on Tuesday in Rampura area in Bikaner district, about 350 km from here. The boy suffered 30 percent burn injuries. Doctors said his condition was now... read more »

house set ablaze by the man
Man Sets Self Ablaze after Failed Attemp...

Man Sets Self Ablaze after Failed Attempt to Kill Mother in Umuahia

A 25-year-old man, Tochukwu Madu, has set himself ablaze after a failed attempt to kill his mother with a cutlass. The tragedy, which occurred on Wednesday, also led to the razing of their bungalow situated on No. 12 Bonny Street in Umuahia, Abia State. Part of the building, located at the heart of... read more »

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Man Stabs Family to Death after Googling how to Kill (Photos)

A father has stabbed his wife and two daughters to death after researching how to cut someone’s throat – then lived with their bodies for a weekend before hanging himself, an inquest... read more »


Man Commit Suicide because of his Wife (See Details)

A worker at a horse track in Chiang Mai hanged himself in front of the ticket booth yesterday due to his sexless marriage caused by a penis enlargement that gone wrong. The 45-year-old... read more »

baby born with beads

Baby Born with Traditional Beads in Lagos

A 52-year-old grandmother, Mrs. Funke Adamson, has ended up giving birth to a baby girl clutching white ‘Ileke’ (Yoruba name for beads) on her hands. Funke, a traditional worshipper... read more »

baby without nose

See Photos of a Cute Baby Born Without Nose

This adorably cute baby named Eli Thompson, is a 1 in 10 Billion baby. He was born with a rare condition known as Congenital Arhinia. It is a condition where the baby is born without a... read more »


OMG – Sons Kill Father, Mother in Enugu

The Enugu State Police Command is currently trying to unravel the circumstances that led to the murder of a father and a mother by their sons in separate incidents in the Coal City. The two bizarre... read more »