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Shocking: Woman stabbed to death by her ...

Shocking: Woman stabbed to death by her son.

Eunice Ugwuozor,a woman in Enugu, was reportedly stabbed to death by her son in Ubiekpo Abor community in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu. The son named Uchechukwu, reportedly attacked his mother on the second of October, while she was asleep. Uchechukwu who was said to be suffering from an... read more »

Chinese Man has horn growing out of his ...

Chinese Man has horn growing out of his neck! (Photo)

For over 30 years, a man in China has been living with a horn growing out of his neck. 62-year-old Li Zhibing, from Shiyan in Hubei Province, said that the unusual growth first appeared on his neck in 1980. Since then, the horn has been growing at an alarming pace so Li’s friends actually help... read more »

Identical Twins Who Shares A Job, A Man,...

Identical Twins Who Shares A Job, A Man, A Bed … Everything

Twin sisters say they decided they want to look identical to be able to share everything in their lives. Yes, everything: house, bed, boyfriend, Facebook account and even a job. Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 28-year-olds from Perth, Western Auastralia, have reportedly spent more than $200,000 to ensure... read more »

Harnaam Kaur
God Made Me This Way: Meet the Woman ...

God Made Me This Way: Meet the Woman ‘Harnaam Kaur’ Who Proudly...

Harnaam Kaur is a 23-year-old teaching assistant from the U.K. And it so happens that she proudly sports a beard. “It’s the way that God made me, and I’m happy with it,” according to Harnaam. In the words of Beyonce: ***Flawless. Starting at 11, her polycystic ovary... read more »

Boy dies of heart attack after masturbat...

Boy dies of heart attack after masturbating 56 times on Valentine’s d...

According to huzlers.com, Valentines Day ended in tragedy for a Portland teenager after he  apparently masturbated a world record, jaw-dropping 56 times non-stop before dying of a heart attack. Jerome Carpenter was found dead in his bedroom after apparentlymasturbating too much. It is... read more »

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Snake Pastor Dies After His Snake Bit Him In Church

Jamie Coots, a Pentecostal church pastor and star of National Geographic’s reality show “Snake Salvation,” died Saturday night in his Kentucky home after being bitten on his right... read more »


Photos: 43 Year Old Man, Diablo Delenfer, Spends £10,000 To Transform Himself In Looking L...

With his forked tongue, razor-sharp fangs and horns that poke from his forehead, Diablo Delenfer, 43, looks like most people’s idea of a terrifying demon. Now the former security... read more »


Photos: Meet The Girl With The Longest Tongue In The World

Chanel Tapper, a student from California, USA, has the world’s longest tongue, measuring 9.75 cm (3.8 in), from tip to top lip. Her lizard-like tongue is twice as long as the... read more »

buttless dude

Photo: Meet the Guy Born with no Butt

Meet the guy born without butt cheeks. He has some kind of genetic disorder..and proudly shows it to the world. He shared the pic on... read more »


South African Pastor of Rabboni Centre Ministries Got His Members...

Rabboni Centre Ministries is a South African church at Ga-Rankuwa Garankuwa TUT campus. Pastor Daniel, who is the founder and Head Pastor said he was basically trying to prove that humans can be... read more »