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‘There Is A Lot Of Fakeness In The Industry. Musicians Say One Thing, Yet They Mean Another” – Burna Boy


Burna Boy

Singer, Damini Ogulu, aka Burna Boy, came into the scene with his 2012 hit song, Like to Party. Five years down the line, he has continued to scintillate his fans with his brand of music which he calls Afrofusion.

However, the singer is also seen as someone with a brash personality and he has had spats with a couple of people in the industry.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop, the singer said he is largely misunderstood.

“I am someone who calls a spade a spade. I say it as I see it, and I don’t like to sugarcoat things. I believe in being real and I don’t have time for industry politics. There is a lot of fakeness in the industry; people say one thing, yet they mean another.

For me, I wouldn’t say anything behind your back. I would say whatever I want to say right to your face, and that’s the end. I believe in expressing myself immediately and after that, it’s over; I move on. But in this industry, if you speak the truth, you begin to look like the odd one out and that’s not cool. That’s why I don’t have lots of friends in the industry because I like to keep to myself.”

“How I Knew My Second Husband Was The One For Me” – Monalisa Chinda


Image result for Monalisa Chinda and husband

Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda has had her fair share of relationship troubles over the years. It will be recalled that she got married to record label executive, Dejo Richards, in 2004, though the union only lasted for few years.

Shortly after that, she got into a publicized relationship with socialite, Lanre Nzeribe, but that relationship also fizzled out.

However, Chinda eventually found her missing rib in 2016 when she got married to a childhood friend, Victor Coker. Ever since she tied the knot with Victor, she has been radiating with a glow that is hard to miss.

Punch’s Sunday Scoop reached out to her and speaking on what convinced her that her husband was the man for her, Monalisa said:

“I found that I was at peace with him. He is God-fearing and has a good relationship with his family. I also always like to be in his company, and I knew it deep inside me that I had found the one.

He loves my daughter like his own child and she feels very comfortable with him as well. Of course, there were a couple of other things I looked out for and the good thing was that he surpassed all my expectations.”

On the lessons she learnt from her past marriage, she said,

“Don’t let your emotions becloud your judgment; you have to use your head at all times. I believe I’m a humble person and I don’t have any problem admitting it when I’m wrong. I have also learnt to be patient and not make hasty decisions.

In all, marriage is a lifelong training ground so you learn every day. It is important to understand the person you’re in a relationship with; know their likes and dislikes and that should guide your conduct, so that you wouldn’t have issues.”

Blac Chyna Cries Jacking Rob Kardashian’s Range Rover During Custody Negotiations


Image result for Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna tried highjacking Rob Kardashian’s Range Rover at a lawyer’s office building last Friday.

According to TMZ, the estranged couple had arrived the building to resolve their custody war when all hell was let loose and Chyna tried hightailing it out in Rob’s whip.

Read their report of what happened below:

Blac Chyna and her team of 5 lawyers, including Lisa Bloom, showed up at the Century City law offices of Laura Wasser, who reps Rob. They spent hours inside but, according to Bloom, nothing has been resolved.

We’re told Rob had someone call ahead to have his car pulled up to the valet stand, but he wanted to wait until Chyna left.

According to witnesses, a visibly agitated Chyna came along, saw the Range Rover, got inside and prepared to hightail it away from the building.

We’re told one of her lawyers told her, “That’s not a good idea,” and with the help of a valet, they got Chyna out of Rob’s whip.

Bloom tells TMZ Chyna did not try to drive away in the Range Rover and did not get inside. Bloom did say, however, that Chyna was “agitated” when she saw the Ranger Rover because she had given it to Rob as a gift.

Rob gave Chyna a Ferrari and a Lambo, both of which she returned to him when they broke up, but Rob kept the Rover.

Bloom said Chyna had some “choice words” when she saw the Range Rover, but that was it.

Bloom also said the custody hearing is full steam ahead for next month and she plans to raise allegations that Rob committed domestic violence.

“I Don’t Like Midnight Sex” – Nollywood Actress Abimbola Oni


Image result for Actress abimbola oni

Nollywood Actress and On Air Personality, Abimbola Oni has said she doesn’t like midnight sex.

Speaking during an interview with New Telegraph online, Oni said:

“Sex for me could happen anytime. At times midnight sex can be annoying; especially after the whole hustle during the day”.

Paul Okoye Turns Down Guy Who Begged To Be His Slave


Psquare Paul Okoye turns down guy who begged to be his slave

This conversation happened between Psquare Paul Okoye and a die-hard fan who was ready to do anything for him including being his slave so he too can achieve greatness.


Portuguese Witch-Doctor Claims Cristiano Ronaldo Is Under A Spell, You Won’t Believe Why!


Image result for Portuguese Witch doctor cristiano ronaldo

A Portuguese witchdoctor, Fernando Nogueira, has claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo is under a spell, for missing the funeral of his father.

Nogueira, who is better known under his witchdoctoring name, Fafe, says the curse is behind the 32-year-old’s travails.

Ronaldo is currently serving a five-match ban and has troubles with the Spanish tax authorities.

Fafe said it was because he has been subjected to a “terrible curse, a tremendous case of evil eye.”

“Ronaldo has been weakened spiritually and psychologically,” Fafe revealed to Flash, when asked about the player’s recent travails.

“He missed the funeral of his father to play the same evening, and that unleashed a lot of energies.”


You Won’t Believe The Reason Why Nicki Minaj Refused To Release One Of Her Music Video


Nicky Minaj

People are still trying to understand who did the tweeting!

Yesterday, American rapper, Nicky Minaj, shocked fans when she said the most anticipated Video to one of the popular songs she was featured in was not going to be released, you would never believe her reason!

Someone asked – ‘Who gave a whore a Bible to preach’

Runtown Buys Himself A Customized Mercedes-Benz G Wagon To Celebrate Birthday [Photos]


Runtown just got himself a customized Mercedes-Benz G wagon for his birthday!

The singer added a year recently and decided to spoil himself by adding a 35Million Benz to his fleet of cars! Photos below;

President Buhari Arrives Aso Rock, Pictured With His Children And Grand Children [Photos]


President Buhari is pictured below with his children and grandchildren at Aso rock after the news of his return stole first place on the trends chart.

Photos below;

Actress Hilda Dokubo Shares Beautiful Photos With Her Family As They Holiday In Canada (Photos)


Hilda Dokubo and her kids are looking lovely in these new photos!

The Nollywood actress and her cute kids are currently holidaying in Canada! Photos below;

Nigerian Men Prefer Baby-Daddies To Being Hooked As Husbands’ – Actress Adekemi Taofeek


Image result for Adekemi Taofeek

Nollywood actress, Adekemi Taofeek says the current viral babymama trend is as a result of Nigerian men not wanting to live up to their responsibilities.

According to the actress, Nigerian men prefer to be babypapas to being hooked as a husband, knowing they have a child somewhere. Adekemi told Potpourri:

“I really can’t talk much on this but what I know is that it doesn’t apply only to Nollywood, it happens everywhere.

The simple reason is that men don’t want to shoulder any responsibility, they prefer to father a child and leave the mother to shoulder the responsibility alone.

Knowing they have a child is enough for them without caring for the child. They just don’t want to pay their bills,” she said

When she was asked what she would do if a man impregnated her and refuses to marry her, the actress retorted, it can never happen to her.

“ If I wanted to, I would have been a babymama a long time ago. I want to be a mother and a wife. I can never be in such a situation because at this point in my life, I don’t go around with unserious men. If I get pregnant I marry, straightaway. Anyway, I don’t date boys, I deal with men, real men.” she beamed.

Ex-MBGN Tourism Queen, Powede Lawrence Stuns At Her Wedding Introduction [Photos]


Ex-MBGN Tourism queen, Powede Lawrence and fiance Ikechukwu wedding introduction

Ex-MBGN Tourism queen, Powede Lawrence, and her fiance, Ikechukwu, yesterday August 19th had their wedding introduction. Here are stunning photos of the bride to-be and her man at the event.

The couple’s traditional wedding will hold September 9th. Powede’s fiance, Ikechukwu proposed to her on July 14th.

Big congrats to them.

Ex-MBGN Tourism queen, Powede Lawrence stuns at her wedding introduction

Powede Lawrence stuns at her wedding introduction

Ex-MBGN Tourism queen, Powede Lawrence

Ex-MBGN Tourism queen, Powede Lawrence stuns

Ex-Governor Danbaba Suntai’s Younger Brother Dies Hours After His Burial ! [Photos]


Ex-governor Danbaba Suntai's younger brother dies

Babangida Suntai, the younger brother of late former Taraba state governor, Danbaba Suntai has reportedly passed away.

Suntai reporedly died Saturday evening in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital few hours after the burial of his late elder brother and former Governor of Taraba State, Pharmacist Danbaba Danfulani Suntai, who died June 28.

A family source, said the younger Suntai was rushed to Abuja last week for treatment but was officially declared dead by the doctors yesterday evening.

The development is coming barely two months after his late elder brother and former governor under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) passed away in a hospice in Orlando, Florida , United States where he was undergoing rehabilitation for brain injuries arising from the 2012 plane crash he had.

Mr. Suntai who survived an air crash at the Yola Airport in Adamawa State in 2012, was buried on Saturday, August 19.

Passengers Aboard Kaduna To Abuja Train Sit On The Floor As Train Officials Hoard Tickets For Black Market [Photos]


Train officials in-charge of Kaduna to Abuja train service, have been accused of hoarding train tickets for black market, and leaving passengers with no other option than to sit on the floor. Facebook user, Ifeanyi Charles Nwoko who witnessed this wrote;

“Kaduna to Abuja on train. People sitting on the floor and armrests but the first class is empty because officials hoard the ticket to sell in the black market. This is how we would destroy this infrastructure with our own hands then turn around and blame govt or say Jonathan didn’t build it well.
I hope the visit of the minister would have put and end to this nonsense.”

train officials train officials train officials train officials train officials

Nigerian Man Drinks Mud Water To Fulfill Vow He Made Over President Buhari’s Return [Photos]


A staunch President Buhari supporter has drank mud water to fulfil a vow he made should President Buhari return back to Nigeria from his medical vacation in London.

Muh’d Kabir Wusasa had promised that every day that President Buhari returns to Nigeria from his trip to London, that he will drink water because of the pain of depression.

Muh’s wrote on his Facebook wall:

Kyawun Alkawari Cikawa Idan Kanaso Ka Zama Cikakken Mutum Idan Kayi Alkawari Kayi Kokari Ka Cika.
Nayi alkawari duk randa Shugaba Buhari ya dawo gida Nigeria daga jinyar da ya tafi Birnin London, zan sha ruwan kwata saboda zunzurutun Farin ciki.
Alhamdulillah! Allah ya cika mini gurina ni kuma na sha ruwan kwata.

Translated, his text reads:

The Full Covenant of the Covenant If You Want to Become Full Member When You Make a Covenant Try To Fill.

I promise every day that President Buhari returns to Nigeria from his trip to London, and I will drink water because of the pain of depression.

Alhamdulillah! God filled me with my head and drank water.

Below are photos he shared: