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Photos: M.I’s Surprise Birthday Party


M.I was treated to a surprise birthday party at Cafe Vanessa in VI on October 4th. In attendance were Ice Prince, Davido and the HKN gang, Audu Maikori, Vector, Jazzman Ol fin, Cool Fm’s Dotun, Victoria Kimani, Pryse, Enzo, Noble Igwe and many more.

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P-Square Fast And Pray For A Month Before Releasing Any Album


You want to be successful in the musical scene like Peter and Paul Okoye, then you should learn how to fast and pray!

The P-sqaure brothers disclosed this recently when asked to share their “success tips” during an interview with Mannie of Cool FM.

The “Alingo” crooners said “It iss all about prayers and hardwork before ever we release any album to the market, we must fast and pray for one month, this is what keeps us successful in the industry.

Girl Orders Boyfriend To Kneel In The Street & Slaps Him For Cheating


You know if such were to happen here in Nigeria, many would assume that the guy has eaten the “vegetable” – a slang for man that has been hypnotized by his woman.

Seriously, which naija guy would allow his woman humiliate him in public like that?

A Chinese woman has been arrested after forcing her boyfriend to kneel in the street and repeatedly slapping him around the face.

The assault happened last Friday in the Kowloon City area of Hong Kong, after Chui, the boyfriend, took a girl to his flat despite the fact he was going out with Cheng, the slapper.

Cheng got to find out and made her boyfriend kneel on the pavement in full view of passers-by.


When he insisted he had not asked the girl to come to his flat, saying: ‘Listen to me first before beating me’, Cheng started slapping Chui across the face as he screamed, ‘You’re slandering me!’, and urged the other girl to corroborate his story.


A crowd of onlookers gathered and started filming the scene, which has since been posted on YouTube.

As other bystanders started to intervene in the love quarrel, Cheng shouted, ‘None of your business!’

Most witnesses took Chui’s side, with one woman telling him: ‘Stand up, ditch this ugly girl, you deserve better.’
One passer-by called the police, leading to Cheng’s arrest.

The 20-year-old woman, named Cheng, was later arrested on suspicion of common assault, while the victim, 23-year-old Chui, was taken to hospital.

See The Video Below;

Court Frees Osun Monarch Accused Of Molesting NYSC Member


Justice Oyejide Falola of the Osun State High Court sitting in Ikirun on Tuesday discharged and acquitted the Alowa of Ilowa-Ijesa, Oba Adebukola Alli, over a charge of Molesting an NYSC member.

Delivering judgment, Falola said that the plaintiff, Miss Helen Okpara, failed to tender enough exhibits to convince the court beyond reasonable doubt that she was Molested by the monarch.

The judge also held that the plaintiff, who accused the monarch of Molesting her at his private residence in Osogbo, failed to prove that she was Molested.

He said a case of molestation could only be established with exhibits such as bed sheet, the victim’s pant and a medical report indicating forceful penetration, adding that the prosecutor failed to tender all these.

Falola said Okpara also failed to show the bruises on her private part as evidence that she was Molested.

He further said the prosecutor failed to show to the court the plaintiff’s torn clothes as she had claimed in her submissions before the court.

While stressing that a case of molestation must be proved with injuries sustained on the private part as well as other parts of the body, Falola said the court was not convinced that Okpara sustained any injury.

Falola said the court was able to establish the fact that Okpara and the monarch had been having regular intimate relationship before a misunderstanding ensued between them.

He, however, condemned such relationship involving a traditional ruler, saying his action had brought his stool into disrepute as well as disgrace to his family and community.

But Mr Femi Adedokun, the counsel to both Okpara and the state government, said he would seek advice from the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice before considering appealing the judgment.

On his part, the defence counsel, Mr Taofeeq Tewogbade, commended the judgment, describing it as “God’s judgment which came at the appointed time.’’

The case had been ongoing for almost three years before Tuesday’s judgment.

Genevieve says she’s been single for a while now, and it’s going well


Well, she didn’t actually write that she’s been single for a while, she only posted a card with the message written on it. But she must be really trying to send a message because not only did she post it on her twitter page, she also posted it on her Facebook & instagram pages.


#MyComplicatedLoveStory : Knowing Tenny – Episode 56


CONTINUED FROM => MyComplicatedLoveStory : Tenny’s Visit – Episode 55

‘Ginger! Ginger! Cage!’ I screamed at Ginger who was already accelerating towards Tenny.

On a normal day, when I say that, Ginger would wag its tail and reluctantly go to its cage, but today seemed to be an abnormal day, because it kept on walking closer.

Tenny was getting rather scared as she kept on surveying the compound and I assumed she was looking for the best place to run to if Ginger eventually attacks.

Frankly speaking, I was quite scared too for a minute, not because it may bite me, which them never born am well to try, but I didn’t think I had the money to pay for her medical bills if things got out of hand.

‘I thought I told you to cage your dog?’ Tenny asked while standing behind me.

‘did you? I thought you liked dogs self’ I acted like I didn’t read the whatsapp message.

‘like dogs ke? I hate them. Well hope yours don’t bite oh’

I nearly said;
‘mumu! No oh, it would just lick your leg’ but held my mouth and said;
‘Ermm, It bites oh, but don’t wo…’ before I could complete the ‘worry’ she had already unlocked the gate and run out.

I couldn’t hold the laughter that was already choking me, so I busted and laughed out loud.

I followed her outside and tried apologizing but she seemed too angry to listen to me as she turned and started walking away.

I wasn’t ready to let her go yet so I ran after her and begged more. She didn’t bulge until I threatened to kneel down right in the middle of the road and beg her more. And that worked because she wasn’t ready to attract so much attention.

We both walked back to my house and I asked for a minute to go and cage Ginger.

This time I meant business and was ready to use violence on Ginger since dialogue wasn’t working.

I picked up a rake that was placed carelessly on the floor with the intention to beat the living hell out of Ginger.

‘Ginger!! Cage!!!’ I screamed one more last time before I used violence.

Just like Ginger read my thoughts and saw I wasn’t kidding anymore, it ran to its cage and hid its face.

‘God just saved you’ I murmured to myself as I walked towards the cage to lock it incase the silly dog had a secret agenda.

Moments later Tenny and I were in the sitting room and the Ginger issue was history.


‘So this is where Micheal lives?’ Tenny asked rhetorically in a suspicious tone.

‘Yes oh, this where I live. What can I offer you? Water, juice or soft drinks?’ I asked, listing the available options.

‘Water would do, thanks’ She replied modestly.

‘you sure?’ I asked

‘yea. Most juice and soft drinks have artificial preservatives which on a long run could be really poisonous’ She replied.

‘nawa oh, who asked you for all this plenty grammar?’ I asked, teasing her strange reply.

She just smiled, so I left to get the water.

Power Holding Corporation of Nigeria (PHCN) is truly famous for one thing and don’t ever fail to live up to their name, Holding Power. They truly hold power and don’t release it. There wasn’t light and the weather was hot, really hot.

So I switched on the generator, risking the fact that my dad would skin me alive if he found out I switched it on in broad daylight for no justified reason. But it was a risk worth taking, as Tenny was quite impressed at my hospitality, and that only meant I was a step closer to getting what I truly wanted.

I eventually joined her on the couch and started a conversation…

‘So do you realize all I know about you is your name and your sister?’ I asked

‘Hmm, isn’t that enough?’ she asked

‘Nope, its not, considering the fact that we have quite a history’ I replied,a referring to the BJ ish.

‘hmm, history? What history?’ She asked purposely avoiding eye contact.

‘never mind sha, just tell me something I don’t know about Teniola’ I replied, avoiding the question.

‘Ok, Firstly, I thought I told you to call me Tenny?’ She asked now smiling.

‘Ermm, oh, am sorry about that. Tenny.’

‘good, so what exactly do you want to know?’

‘ermm, your names, school, level, age, likes, dislikes.. Just basic stuffs like that Na’

‘Hmm, ok. Lets do it this way. You tell me something about you and I’ll tell you my version of that same thing’ she replied.

I chuckled at her idea but agreed anyway.

‘So my name is Micheal Odoh, but a close friends call me chistar’ I started.

‘Hmm, so am I close enough to call you Chistar?’

‘that depends on how much I get to KNOW about you today’ I replied emphasizing on the ‘know’ , and winked at her.

She figured I was talking dirty but decided to play hard to get and replied;

‘Ok, good luck with that. Anyway, am Teniola Adetilewa’ She replied.

‘Hmm, ok. So, I school at Uniport, studying managements and I’m in my second year’ I wasn’t really in 200lv yet, but would be when school resumed.

‘nice! Am even seeking admission there’

‘Really?’ I asked surprised

‘Yea!’… ‘For political science’ she added

‘Wow, but I thought they have released some lists?’ I asked, to check if she was lying.

‘Ermm, I didn’t say…’


#MyComplicatedLoveStory : Tenny’s Visit- Episode 55


CONTINUED FROM => MyComplicatedLoveStory : The Dirty Sexy Game – Episode 54

Long story cut short –

‘SHE DID IT & I LIKED IT’, who wouldn’t anyway?

With that said…

The bash ended in the early hours of the morning, the guest left but I and Dominic stayed back and spent the rest of the morning in Hassy’s house.

Back to my story…


One week Later.
Tuesday, 2:53pm

So I was bored and home alone, again, then as usual, my mind starts wandering;

‘Where all this people for this house they go everyday self? Them go just they leave only me and Ginger for house. Wetin I go do now?… Dominic no dey and Hassy don carry hin two left legs go school, finally. Wait oh! I never even call this girl wey Dominic give me hin number since last week, make I call am either she go fit come my house’
Ginger BTW is my dog.

*Dials Tenny number, picks almost immediately*

ME: Hello?

TENNY: yea, Hi?

ME: ermm, what’s up?

TENNY: am fine, please who am I speaking with?

ME: Its Micheal

TENNY: (trying to recall) ermm, Micheal? Micheal from?

ME: Micheal Na! Hassy’s friend, chill am I speaking to Tenny?

TENNY: Oh, Micheal! As in that Uniport guy?

TENNY: (Uniport guy? Who told this one I school at Uniport?) Yea, exactly. Is this Teniola… Sorry Tenny?

TENNY: yea its me, am sorry for the JAMB questions, I don’t have your number on my phone

ME: No p, I even just stole your number from your sister’s phone yesterday, she didn’t want to give me

TENNY: hahaha, Ole, don’t mind her sha, she can over do the ‘elder sister’s thing atimes

ME: Hmm, well its expected. So what’s up na?

TENNY: am just there, kinda bored

ME: Eeyaa, sorry babes, but you know what? I’m bored too, I was wondering if you…

MTN: (Interrupts call) Dear customer, you have less than one minute of call left.

‘God punish una papa!’ I curse MTN.

TENNY: Hello? You there?

ME: Yea, I don’t have much air time left can we talk later or chat online?

TENNY: Ok, no qualms, just text me your pin, I’ll add you up

ME: *giggles* Na, am not on BBM and don’t do the BIS thing, I’m into the AIS level

TENNY: AIS? What’s that?

ME: Android Internet Service, don’t worry sha I think I spotted you on my whatsapp list, Ill message you right away

TENNY: You are a case, ok, that’s cool too sha. I’ll be expecting, bye

ME: Yea, bye. Talk to you later.

*hangs up*

I quickly open the whatsapp and search for her on my contact and send a message.
She replies almost immediately.

After much beating around the bush and purposely avoiding the BJ incident at the party, I finally hit the point and ask her to come over and she reluctantly agrees after I literally had to beg her.


History repeated itself as I broke the world record for sweeping and arranging a house. The former record was set by me at school when Ify came over for the first time, and now I just broke my record with minus 5 minutes.

When I was done, I could see my reflection on the tiled floor and I smiled at a work well done.

I had far settled in my bedroom just toying with my phone, when I got a whatsapp message alert. Naturally I check it and see its from Tenny, it says;

‘I’m at your gate, better cage that your dog before opening the gate’

I just smiled and grabbed a shirt then headed outside to bring her in. But…

Unlike most Nigerians who name their dogs anything just because its just the way its meant to be done, we didn’t act that way. We gave Ginger Its name for a reason;

‘The dog too dey happy and ginger unnecessarily’.

I majestically bounced out of the house, into the compound and then Ginger chooses the most wrong time ever to play hide and seek with me.

I whistled and screamed its name for minutes but all to no avail, so I try chasing the stûpid dog and catching it, but it ran under my dad’s car, which is beyond my reach.

‘If I catch you today, I swear I’ll sell you to that calabar man who lives down the street’ I scream to the dog who didn’t seem to care. He probably knows its just an empty threat.

‘where are you now?’ Tenny sends another message.

At this point, I see violence isn’t working so I swallowed my pride and resulted to begging my dog, MY OWN DOG! Can you imagine?.

‘Ginger… Please come out and go to your cage, I’ll give you twice your daily meal this evening’ I try bribing, but the dog still isn’t moved by that neither.

‘hmm, ok bye!, am going!’ Tenny sends the third message.

I pondered over it and decided to take the risk, after all, all Ginger has done is bite like 4 people, maybe he won’t even attack Tenny. I encourage myself.

I run to the gate and open it, luckily she was yet to leave, I just apologized and invited her in.

Before I could lock the gate and turn, Ginger is already out of the car and walking toward Tenny at a slow scary pace.

BTW ginger is female German Shepherd breed, and a wise man once said;

‘Never underestimate a female dog’


Don Jazzy Is Very Stupid – Eedris Abdulkareem


In the aftermath of Eedris Abdulkareem’s controversial lyrics insulting Don Jazzy for criticizing rap music as a profitable genre in Nigeria, the rapper solidified his point in a recent interview. Eedris stated that while he was a very huge fan of the Mavins producer, the comment was “stupid”, and that Don Jazzy had allowed the fame get to his head.

FFK Blasts Aviation Minister For Saying Plane Crashes Are Acts Of God


Our Aviation minister Mrs Stella Oduah thinks that plane mishaps are an act of God. While fielding questions from state house correspondents on the recent Lagos air crash, Mrs Oduah said;

“We do not pray for accidents  but they are inevitable. But we will continue to do everything to ensure that we do not have accidents. But an accident is an act of God”.

Former Aviation minister Femi Fani Kayode took to twitter to respond to Mrs Oduah’s comments..


Bank Error Makes A US Man The World First Ever Trillionaire



Most people on finding out that they’ve become rich beyond their wildest dreams would immediately splash out on a selfish purchase – a yacht, a mansion, maybe even a private island.
But when Reggie Theus discovered he had become a trillionaire thanks to a bank error, he decided to make life easy for his fellow Americans, and offered to pay of the national debt.
Sadly for the country, the bank realised its mistake, and soon took away the East Texan’s $4,000,000,000,000 – dashing the States’ hope of an easy fix for their financial crisis.

Mr Theus, a restaurant manager, didn’t throw caution to the wind and quit his job, thankfully – he still turned up and was busy waiting on tables and co-ordinating his staff.
He told KLTV: ‘I was definitely surprised when I looked in my account and saw that much money in there.
‘I looked it up and there’s never been a trillionaire before.’
The bank, which asked their customer not to identify them, had made the error during an online banking update.
Mr Theus’ offer could not have come at a better time for the warring government, which has shutdown while Republicans and Democrats argue over raising the debt-ceiling.


Man Claims Immunity To Snake Venom (photos)



An unemployed factory worker has proved his immunity to snake venom by letting a deadly mamba bite his bare arm. Tim Friede says he has built up immunity and claims he has now endured bites from 100 poisonous snakes.

The 45-year-old from Milwaukee is now able to survive a snake bite from a black mamba, which normally kills anyone bitten within just 20 minutes. Mr Friede can also survive bite from cobras and other deadly serpents.

He hopes that by building up human immunity to snake poison he can contribute to the development of a new anti-venom. Pictures of the process show the mamba locking its jaws around his arm and leaving a bloody wound.

He said: ‘When people see what I do they usually swear or ask me if I’m going to die.
‘The pictures are a display of my immunity, to prove it works.
‘That’s the only way people will believe it, and the true test if self-immunization works.
‘Letting yourself get bitten requires a very high level of mental pressure, albeit a necessary one to beat snakebite.
‘Doing a pure venom injection is one thing, but a bite is a whole new level – and a necessary one.’

By proving his own immunity he hopes his work will lead to more efficient and affordable than the type produced from horses that is currently available.

‘What I do is called venom immunotherapy,’ Mr Friede said.
‘I take diluted injections of venom protein over time to build up my immune system.
‘What that does is build up good antibodies through time that bind to the venom and neutralize it so I don’t die.
‘This is the same way they make anti-venom in horses, I just cut the horse out of the picture. I’ve become the horse.’

However, he does suffer side-effects- Pictures show Mr Friede’s swollen hand, which is caused by his own anti-bodies attacking his body.
He has regular kidney and liver tests to check his dangerous work is not causing damage to his organs.


Mr Friede keeps dozens of poisonous snakes in the basement of his house and is working hard to contribute to a vaccine he hopes will make a difference to snakebite victims worldwide.

‘I hope through developing my own resistance to poison some solid groundwork can be laid to build a vaccine for the 125,000 people that die from snakebite every year.
‘At present the poor of Asia and Africa are the majority of the victims.’


Photos: Mercy Johnson Okojie Sheds a Lot of Baby Weight


Several months back, Mercy Johnson announced on twitter that she would hit the gym. Now, check this out. She recently shared a picture of herself and her baby Purity Osebhajimente Okojie. Notice her weight loss?

1 2

Akon, Banky W & Wizkid On Set Of Their New Music Video For Roll It



Photos of Akon in Ghana with Banky W and Wizkid on the set of the video shoot for the song – Roll It, EME ft Banky W and Wizkid  Another photo after the cut…

Pic 2

Should I Allow My Wife’s Sexy Friend To Stay With Us?


Recently, my wife’s female friend got a job in Lagos and has asked to stay with us for a while. The babe is single and heavily endowed. She’s a serious temptation o!

Hope I am taking the right decision by letting her stay. I don’t know if I can overcome her should she decide to “make a move”. Guys, please advise me.

Video: “Plane Crash Is An Act Of God” – Aviation Minister, Stella Odua


Aviation Minister, Stella Odua, while addressing journalists regarding the withdrawal of Dana Airlines’ operating license, described plane crashes as ‘an act of God’.

“We do not pray for accidents but they are inevitable. But we will continue to do everything to ensure that we do not have accidents. But an accident is an act of God.

“Again, we do not speculate on the cause of accidents. Until they happen, you cannot say this is the cause or that is not the cause. But what is obvious and is the truth is that, in aviation, there are shared responsibilities, starting from the man that carries your luggage to the man that makes sure that your boarding pass is issued to you”.