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WAWWU!!! Father Of Six Confesses To Having Sexual Intercourse With A Goat…TWICE.

A 42 year-old father of six, Babangida Garuba, is now in police custody in Katsina for being intimate with a goat.

Garuba, a Goldsmith at the Kasuan Mata area in Funtua, was allegedly caught in the act by his wife who raised the alarm that attracted residents who eventually handed him over to the police.

Garuba was among other suspects paraded at the headquarters of Katsina State police command on Thursday for various offences.

He told journalists he could not say exactly what pushed him into committing the act, though he confessed that it was the second time he engaged in such an act.

Garuba said in Hausa, “Yes, it’s true, I had an affair with a goat. My wife caught me while doing it and she shouted. It would be the second time I would do it, but I don’t know why I did it; I have six children while my wife is still pregnant.”

The state Police Commissioner, Aliyu Abdullahi, confirmed the incident, adding that Garuba would soon appear in court.

Source: Punch

Italian kidnapper, 22 Others Arrested In Delta State [Photo]


Italian Kidnapper

50-year-old Italian kidnapper, Blessing Fernando, who reportedly abducted a victim in Delta State, was arrested at Ogbe-Isoko community where he went to collect an additional ransom of N50,000 from the victim’s relatives, having collected N250,000 initially.

The suspect who stays at Evowe Quarters of Ozoro in Isoko North LGA., was paraded alongside 22 suspected kidnappers and three armed at the command headquarters in Asaba yesterday. According to the state Commissioner of Police, Zanna Ibrahim, the kidnapping syndicate had terrorised Ozoro and its environs for years.

“He was arrested at a scene where he came to collect ransom of additional sum of N50,000 from the victim’s relatives having robbed the victim the sum of N250,000. Effort to arrest other fleeing gang members is on course as case will be charged to court soon,” the commissioner said.

According to NewTelegraph, upon interrogation, the suspect, who confessed to be a member of the kidnapping syndicate, said he was  co-opted under duress after he was duped of N600,000.

He said:

“They forced me to become their member, if I must get back my money.


My desperation to recover my money from them has landed me in this mess. They told me to go and wait at the scene where I was arrested for somebody who will bring some money from which they will offset what they had defrauded me.”


Fernando said his mother hailed from Isoko ethnic group in Delta State while his father was an Italian.

47-Year-Old Butcher Rapes Siblings And Infects Them With STD



A 47-year-old butcher, Aminu Umar, has been arrested for reportedly raping 4-year-old and 7-year-old siblings and infecting them with Sexually Transmitted Disease.

It was gathered that the incident which happened at 5 Salako street in Oko- Oba in Lagos, left the girls’ private parts almost decaying and now discharging a liquid substance according to parents of the victims.

The parents of the victims also alleged that the suspect will always lure their daughters with bobo drinks upon his return from work each day, unknown to them, he had been having sex with their daughters.

The act was exposed when their mother took one of them to the bathroom to bath her. It was gathered that when the mother attempted to wash her private part, she started crying and complained that it was paining her since Umar put his “thing” inside it.

According to the 7-year old victim, “Umar lured us into his room and gave us Bobo.
Thereafter, he removed his clothes, our pants and clothes too and carried us to his bed where he was putting his penis into our vagina”.

When the mother checked the victims’ private parts, there were bruises showing forceful penetration. The matter was then reported to the Police and Umar was arrested and charged to court.

He pleaded not guilty. The presiding Magistrate, Mrs Davis Abegunde, granted him bail in the sum of N1m with two sureties in like sum. Umar was remanded in prison custody pending when he will perfect his bail condition. The matter was adjourned till June, 26, 2017.

Nigerian Lady Narrates Poor Experience She Had At A Jehovah’s Witness’ Wedding


Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

A Nigerian Facebook user, Penocrat Ayomide Ugonna, has taken to the platform to recount her ordeal at a Jehovah’s witness wedding!

According to the Nnamdi Azikiwe University graduate, her neighbour over-hyped how the wedding was going to be, but they ended up disappointed when food didn’t get to them after all the struggle, and also how they didn’t accept the gift they presented.
She wrote:

Please if you’re my friend and you attend Jehovah’s witness, biko don’t ever open that your mouth you use in eating sharwarma or drinking orijin to invite me for your wedding, because I won’t come! Im not joking! Ho Ha!!!?
Jesu! That was how my neighbour invited me and my friends to her wedding o. You need to see how this babe finished hyping the kain event sef. She even told us not to eat, that she will take care of our ‘food needs’ o. Okay!?
On behalf of me and my friends, I told her we might not be able to meet up with the whole church serenren, but we will come for the reception. Babe agreed.
So me and my friends contributed money to buy her a nice wedding gift. See broke me. I even gave my last card. Kai!??
After they were done with church wedding na, we got the information, and headed straight for the reception hall. On getting there, we discovered that the food and drinks were under over beefed security o. Very tight sontin! We were waiting for them to share food.
Omo, no show o. ??? See us that came hungry! I wan die!
We waited and waited and waited. Not just us o. Other people also that came to the reception venue too were waiting. Nothing! You can’t even look the people in charge of the food in the face. Very unfriendly specie! ??
All my attempts to smile at one brother and form fine girl failed woefully. Brother wasn’t moved. At a point I started thinking he was either gay or castrated.
Imagine me! I even cut eye for brother, yet no show. I failed. As in correct F9 wey dem use red biro write o. Tueh!!??
So eventually, the people who went to church. started arriving gradually. Chairs started getting filled up. The unfriendly caterers started loosening up, as they greeted their fellow church members. O chi’m! How did I forget I wasn’t a member if the Kain church.?
Then something funny happened. These people brought out list of names o. No jokes! and started sharing rice according to positions. ?
Firstly, they served all the Elders, in no particular order. Elder Johnson, Elder Vincent, Elder nkea, na Elder nkeozo. Tufia!??
By the time they were done with the elders, we were almost dead. My belle don dey tell me how far. I looked at my neighbor, Aunty throway face. Issorite! God! I died! ??
Then they started dishing out food to their church members. Coman see aroma everywhere. It wasn’t funny o. Mt friends were practically sulking ! See painment. Kai!??.
And these their church members sef were not even helping matters. Very wicked set of human beings! You need to see how they were just tearing the meat and emptying their bottles of soft drinks without conscience. At a point, I started feeling like they were doing it on purpose, so that our throat will long well well and fall ontop ground. ???
Hian! I could practically hear the annoying noises their wide mouths were making as they deleted the plates of jollof, devoured the chicken meats, and cracked the bones of the unfortunate animal to powder.
.Selfish people!?
Finally, they were done serving members. Just as I was thinking the friends and well wishers will be next in line, another list came out. This time, it was for people that witnessed the joining at the church.??
You go dey front laidis, usher go pass food to person wey dey your back. Them go even throw can drink across your head, give another person. Azzin, malt was just flying upandan.One man got fed up and caught one. As he tried to open it, usher change am for am o.
” Excuse me Sir. That drink doesn’t belong to you!”??
For where! The man opened the thing and drank o.?? He was like;
” What sort of nansenze is this? I have been here for the past 2hrs. No Rice, No swallow! No Drink! Not even water! What is happening? Oginidi?”
“Did you come to the kingdom???” The usher fired back.???
Ha! Kingdom kwa! Kingdom of where? Abi is it the seven kingdoms in Game of thrones????
It was later that Penocrat Ayomide Ugonna, discovered that they refer to their church as a kingdom, and anyone who didn’t come to the kingdom for the wedding, was perceived as WORDLY, and not fit to partake in the ‘choppings’. ??
“We are one in Christ!”the man replied. While he gulped down the can of Amstel Malta, at the expense of the overly angry usher. ??
Immediately me and my friends decided to use the man’s type of tactics to collect drinks too, we discovered that this people had stopped throwing drinks o. They now clutch their malt tightly and walk down to the seat of whoever they feel like giving, and hand over the damn thing.
After that last category, they stopped serving. Coman see hunger written on people’s faces. I was hungry o. But some people were both hungry and angry. You need to see different types of red eyes. Men, women, children, dgz.?
When all hope was lost, My friend brought out groundnut from her bag and started munching. All of us begged her o. Including one fine boy that sat near us. No forming for this wan at all! Hunger is real!????
Finally, we decided to leave na. Wedding don cast. Since,the church people were just crunching, binging and munching with reckless abandon, while we the onlookers were just observing the swayings of their mouths. As per Mr. Lukman and Madam Lucozades,?? is it not better to get the fuck out of that place?
We got up, carried our gift and walked straight to the bride to hand it over, when they hit us with another heartbreaking missile.
Do you know these people don’t even collect gifts at wedding? Hay God!???
My neighbor rejected the gift we contributed money to buy for her, because it was against their doctrine. Okay o. We carried our gift and were doing about turn when I heard a dry voice saying;
” Why are you guys leaving. Wait na. We are almost done with the event.”
I turned back. Lo and behold. It was my neighbour. She was drinking fanta.
Hay God! what level of painment is this kwanu?
Is like this wan is mad.???
Wait and do what? Shine eyes while you people do us longer throat with your nonsense meals?
Wait and do what? Lock the doors or clean the place or wash the plates? Thunder!??
Not just ordinary thunder o. A Hymanic thunder!
Wait fez o. Hunger is using me to recite state and capital, and you people are asking me to wait?
May Amadioha position soldier ants inside your genitals!
P.S: if you’re a Jehovah’s witness member, please do laidis???. I want to block you and make space for better people who have regard for human feelings.
Kingdom that they’re not sharing food inside is that wan kingdom?
Nonsense and paradise!
Written by Penocrat Ayomide Kindness.
Signed: Chibueze Mitchell Odimegwu.
( The unholy one)
Goodnight awesome world!

Man Proposes To Girlfriend AND Her Five-Year-Old Daughter [Photos]


When Grant Tribbett, 29, started dating his girlfriend, 26 year old Cassandra Reschar, last year, he knew her beloved five-year-old daughter was part of the package.

So when time came for him to get down on one knee and propose, Tribbett made the touching decision to propose to both of them.

Read what Cassandra wrote online about the sweet surprise that happened two weeks ago on May 27th.

Her man had taken she and daughter, Adrianna out for breakfast and surprisingly, proposed to her. Moments later, he got back down on one knee and proposed to Cassandra’s five-year-old daughter Adrianna.

Man proposes

‘After anxiously eating breakfast, hoping and praying he wasn’t going to get down on one knee in the middle of a very busy Saturday morning brunch, we left for Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve where I knew something was up.

We walked a mile in the woods, all the while I was wearing heels. It was quite the adventure, let me tell you! Finally, we got to a wooden bridge in the middle of the forest and he got down on one knee.

Man proposes girlfriend, daughter

‘After proposing to me, Grant got back down to propose to my daughter. He said ‘Adrianna can I be your daddy, to promise to love and protect you for the rest of your life?’

‘As soon as he spoke those sweet words, I once again broke down in tears. Not the cute kind of tears either, the bawling type tears. My little heart could not take so much love!’

Screaming with joy she (my daughter) said, ‘I finally get a daddy mommy, I finally get a daddy!’

He presented her with a beautiful heart necklace as a symbol that she now carries a piece of his heart with her.’

Man proposes 2

The touching moment was captured by the couple’s friend and photographer Mandi Gilliland who was hiding nearby.

Tribbett and Reschar met through Facebook and started dating seven months ago.

Man proposes daughter

Man proposes Cassandra

Man proposes Tribett

Source – DailyMail

#CoupleGoals: Mercy Johnson & Her Hubby Be Flirting On Instagram [Photos]


Actress Mercy Johnson and her husband just did a little bit of flirting on Instagaram after he posted the photo below and captioned it; “My wife and Girl friend.”

Mercy Johnson

They just reminded me of John Legend and Chrissy’s social media flirting. Cute!

UNICAL Final Year Student Arrested For Stealing N300,000 From A Fruit Seller [Photo]


A 400 level student of the University of Calabar (UNICAL), Emmanuel Dominic, has been arrested by the police in Calabar Cross River State for allegedly N300, 000 from a fruit seller.

According to the fruit seller who prefers anonymity, the suspect identified as Emmanuel Dominic has been coming around her business place.

“He patronizes me frequently, he usually relaxes with us. It all started with his frequent patronage and friendliness, sometimes he will be in possession of my phone in the name of collecting music at times movies, at times I do ask him to help charge my phone for me in that barbing salon (pointing at the barbers shop adjacent to her fruit stand) where we all do” she said.

“I saved that money for my school issues because I have finished since two years ago, I did my project and all that is left to do my clearance which includes my outstanding fees and is the major reason I am doing this business and saving that money in my UBA account. Recently my partner went to the bank to use the ATM to withdraw some money to solve an urgent issue and upon reaching there the machine kept telling him insufficient funds”.

Continuing her account, she said:

“We went to the bank (UBA Calabar road branch, the one opposite Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company, PHEDC) for enquiry and discovered that severally recharge cards ranging from 5000 plus and at times transfer have been done from my account to another using my phone. They advised us to keep cool not to scare the person and think carefully. When the records were shown to me and I thought over it and then discovered that Dominic is the one behind it, some days he usually pass and would pretend not to notice us one day I ran after him and held his shirt asking him why he did what he did to me, he denied but because of the drama people came and at the end to prove his innocence he went to the bank with us and eventually it was his number that appeared in the many recharge card purchase and his friend’s account number that he does transfer my money to. At the end he opened up and told us that he used the money to solve some problems”

CrossRiverWatch findings reveal that the several transactions Dominic allegedly did from the fruit sellers account were within the period of 16th May, 2017 and 15th June, 2017.

“While still at the bank, upon Dominic’s confession, his mother fainted. She later returned a hundred thousand Naira and wrote undertaken to pay back the remaining sum in three installments beginning from 19th June, 2017. The account Dominic usually transfer the money to belongs to one of his course mate, Otu whom our sources disclosed that the suspect, who is the only son of his mother, usually tells that his uncle is sending money through his account and when it drops, Otu does the withdrawal and hands over but when Dominic was caught, he sent Otu a text saying he shouldn’t go to his bank that all the money he’s been withdrawing for him is stolen.”

Mercy Johnson Rocks Customized Face Print Gown To Recent GLO Event [Photos]


A-list actress and GLO ambassador Mercy Jonson-Okojie is always on point! The mother of three rocked her customized face print gown for the Glo music festival in Benin!

Check out more of the SSA to the Kogi state governor on Entertainment’s gorgeous look at the event below.

Nollywood Actor Gbenro Ajibade Joins The Cast Of Jenifa’s Diary


Nollywood actor, Gbenro Ajibade has joined the Jenifa’s diary family. This was announced by Funke Akindele Bello with a video on her Instagram page where she excitedly announced Gbenro Ajibade who was on the set with them, as the new addition to the award-winning comedy series.

What role do you think he’ll play in the series? Let us know!

Watch the video below:

Gospel Artist Lara George Shares New Photo To Celebrate Her Birthday Today [Photos]


Gospel artist Lara George is a year older today!

The award-winning musician took to her Instagram page to share new photos of her herself captioning them:

I reminisce and can only be thankful. So much to be thankful for. I would say professionally, it was 20years ago when God first placed me on this musical path I walk on today. 19years old, naive but hopeful, I stumbled onto destiny, and my life has not been able the same since. In the year 2000, a phenomenal thing happened to me. I got signed on, with the group I was a part of, to a US-based record label. Before then, I had never even considered music to be a possibility for me, at least not full-on. All of a sudden, here I was, googly-eyed, along with my teammates, touring the world; playing festivals and concerts we could only describe and at best show pictures of.

You see, Instagram didn’t exist then. There was no Twitter or Snapchat, and Facebook had only barely begun, I believe. As a group, we needed to take the world, one person at a time (or so it seemed at the time at least), and that was what we set out to do. Funny shebi? We set out to do it because we didn’t think we couldn’t. I look here today, and I see how far God has brought me. And I can only be thankful. Thankful because I must never take for granted, His mercies, His love, His faithfulness to me and mine.

Not everyone who sets out comes this far. And yet I know that I have only just begun! In my life, every disappointment has become a blessing, every challenge has turned into breakthrough, every limitation has been used by God to cause Him to surpass my expectations and every stone that has ever been thrown at me has turned mid-flight into an instrument of good rather than evil. So far, God has confuted for me every tongue that has ever risen against me in judgement, and He has caused even my enemies to be at peace with me. How can I not be thankful? So I’m sending my Heavenly Father a special shout-out on this special day….. Thank you Jesus for being so good to me!!!!! *doingAJiggyDance* #Dansaki #June23rd #NewAlbumLoading #ASliceOfHeaven #Grateful #SoGrateful #halleluyah

So far, God has confuted for me every tongue that has ever risen against me in judgement, and He has caused even my enemies to be at peace with me. How can I not be thankful? So I’m sending my Heavenly Father a special shout-out on this special day….. Thank you Jesus for being so good to me!!!!! *doingAJiggyDance* #Dansaki #June23rd #NewAlbumLoading #ASliceOfHeaven #Grateful #SoGrateful #halleluyah

See more photos below

Photo Credit: @larageornaija

Wawu! Lady Calls Out Rosaline Meurer For Stealing Her ‘Letter To Her Husband’ Post


Rosy Meurer

An Instagram user, Folake has called out actress, Rosaline Meurer for stealing her ‘letter to her husband’ post. According to the lady, the post was something she wrote last year August and deleted it a while ago.

Rosy Meurer

She has now asked Rosy to take the post down. See the post on Whatsapp last year year..


Slay Queen Finally Nabbed At Lagos Party After Evading Creditor For 2 Years [Photos]


Slay Queen

A Nigerian slay queen @Batook55 (Tejupretty), who has been evading her creditor she owes 496k for 2 years, was finally caught in a birthday party in Lagos.

However, the slay queen with over 50k followers on Instagram knelt down to beg her creditor who wasn’t listening, but demanded that she pays the money she owes. Here are the some screenshots relaying what happened at the party.

Slay queen

Slay queen

Slay queen

Slay queen

Slay queen

Slay queen

Slay queen

However according to some of her friends, she has transferred the money.


The Hausa Man Behind Igbo Quit Notice Lives In Lagos -Femi Falana


Image result for femi falana

While at a media briefing organized by NLC on the current agitations by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB and the quit notice given to the Igbos to vacate the 19 states of the north before 1st October by 16 northern youth groups, Nigerian Rights activist and constitutional lawyer Femi Falana disclosed that the man who dished out the ultimatum lives in Lagos.

According to Vanguard, Femi Falana further made stunning revelations about Prof. Ango Abdullahi, who was a former Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, who made some inciteful untternaces during Gen. Ibrahim Babangida’s regime over the brutal killings of four ABU students, which led to disruptive protests by the students of the school.

Here’s what Falana said;

“The recently concluded election in the UK, two weeks ago, seven Nigerians emerged as Legislators, can we repeat that, can we look at the challenges before us and stop following those ones trying to divide us?

“This information is very crucial to all of us and I want to say this publicly. The man who is giving quit notice (to the Igbos to leave north) does not live in the North, he lives in Lagos, he is a Lagos man. So to stay in Lagos and be giving quit notices is not the answer.

“On May 23, 1986, young people, four of them were killed in the Ahmadu Bello University because somebody had said we are against coup… Ango Abdullahi was the Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University when these students were killed by the Police, he came out and said only four students were killed.

“That angered Nigerians particularly the Nigerian students and there were protests. One of the universities where that protest was very successful was the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Please listen to me, the man who led the protest was late Chima Ubani, what happened? The state did not like the case that it was a national protest against the killing in ABU.

“What did they do? They didn’t arrest the students who were protesting in the North. They didn’t arrest the students who were protesting in the West, (Ibrahim) Babangida regime went for Chima Ubani and arraigned him and eight of his colleagues under a military rule that required that they be sentenced to death. “I left Lagos to go to Enugu to defend those men. We got them freed when they returned to campus, the Vice Chancellor expelled them. Again, I went to court and got them freed. Please this story is very important. “

A Hausa Vice Chancellor invited the police and they killed young Hausa students, four of them. Nigerian students protested and an Igbo young man led that protest in the East against injustice, a Yoruba man in the West to free them. So we must look at those things that the elites are using to divide our people. Injustice is injustice, so there no nation without challenges.”

Nigerian Female Footballer, Ini-Abasi Graduates With First Class From University Of Southampton


Beautiful Nigerian female footballer, Ini-Abasi Umotong, has taken to social media to announce that she will be graduating with a First Class Honors degree in Economics from the University of Southampton.

After a successful season with Portsmouth in 2014/15 season, the beautiful lady who has scored 29 goals in 25 league and cup matches before she left Portsmouth for Oxford United In February 2016, has been having a beautiful international career, as her goal scoring exploits led the FA Women’s Premier League Southern Division side to win their seventh successive Hampshire County Cup, and the league title.

Here’s what Umotong wrote on Facebook;

“Delighted to be graduating with a First Class Honours in Economics with a First Class Dissertation!”

Heartbroken Girlfriend Drops Suicide Note And Hangs Herself 2 Months After Boyfriend Committed Suicide


A heartbroken girlfriend hanged herself just two months after after her boyfriend took his own life, an inquest heard today. Hotel receptionist Laura Bedernyak, 30, killed herself after the death of her football player boyfriend Kyle Jones.

heartbroken girlfriend
The ‘sociable’ mother-of-one fell into deep depression after talented amateur player Kyle, 29, died in January after a New Year’s Eve party. An inquest heard the Travelodge receptionist sought help for insomnia, sickness, and depression linked to her grief.

Best friend Jody Kennett told the inquest in Aberdare, South Wales, Laura was ‘fun-loving’ until her boyfriend’s death.
Miss Kennett said:

‘She became very sad. She told me she was depressed and she wanted to get help.’

Ms Bedernyak, of Brackla, Bridgend, South Wales, told friends and medical professionals she had never considered taking her own life.

heartbroken girlfriend

She became withdrawn and stopped going out with friends, but was convinced to join her friends on a night out in March.
But the next morning she failed to ring friend Miss Kennett as had become the norm, leading to her friend entering her unlocked home and finding Laura unresponsive.

She also left three suicide notes on her living room coffee table.