Yvonne Okoro To Start Reality Show With Sisters

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yvonne okoro with sisters
The actress will start her reality show with her sisters in the first quarter of 2014. The show has been titled the First Ladies. Yvonne will also be having a separate talk show, Dining With Yvonne and it will be aired about the same time. She has started shooting the episodes (a picture below proves it). Michael Djaba, the ceo of IFactorylive, who the reality show would be on his platform has this to say;
yvonne in kitchen

We are working with Yvonne and her sisters on one of our reality shows called First Ladies, so it was a natural fit when her company, Desamour came to us to produce Dining With Yvonne. Yvonne is the consummate professional and will show a different side to her personality in the TV talk show realm.


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