Many Women Will Live and Die Without Ever Experiencing an Orgasm – Joy Isi Bewaji

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The PR executive and TV talk show host wrote on her page;

Many women will live full years on earth- then die- without ever experiencing an orgasm.

But that is not the sad part- the fact is, some women think of female orgasm as dishonourable and despicable. To deny yourself of it is in fact admirable and worthy of applause.

Sex is a man’s right, and a woman should never find pleasure and/or enjoy it half as much as the man. There’s the neat assumption that women do not like sex- they do it to please their men (that is why girls expect some kind of reward- gold watch, prada purse, trip to Dubai etc). If she does admit to enjoying it, then there’s a problem.

Woman, that burden-of-honour you place upon her head that makes you pretend to be a log of wood in bed impresses no one- not even your conscience. Free yourself, biko.

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