#MyComplicatedLoveStory : Tenny’s Graduation- Episode 62

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‘All along it was a fever/ a cold sweat, hot-headed believer/ I threw my hands in the air, I said show me something/ he said…’ Rihanna smoothly sang the lyrics of her ‘stay’ track through my ear piece which was plugged in as we headed to the school for the valedictory.

I’ve never been the kind of person who goes to parties and occasions uninvited, but this case was quite different. And wait a minute, I was invited by Dominic na, or is Invitation not invitation irrespective of the fact that they too weren’t invited.

Anyway, we boarded a ‘keke marowa’ which dropped us right in front of the school.

BTW, ‘keke marowa’ is simply a substitute informal name of a tricycle.

The music which echoed out of the school compound was so loud that I was forced to unplug my ear piece since I could barely hear Rihanna’s tiny voice.

On getting to the gate, we were confronted by a bouncer who asked us for our I.D cards.

On seeing this bouncer, I wondered; ‘ why all this bouncers dey get big muscles? Shey dem dey chop manure ni?’…

I knew instantly that he wasn’t asking for just any I.D card of ours but an I.D of the school, which of course, we didn’t have. At that point I was about suggesting we just turn and go back home, or perhaps drop by a bar and just chill till later on in the day, but Hassy had a better idea.

‘Help us call the headboy’ Hassy requested, totally ignoring the bouncer’s question and his pretty huge physique.

‘and why would I do that?’ the bouncer asked with a thick voice,

‘I am Hastrop Williams, and I’m an ex-deputy headboy of this school’

‘So this guy real name na ‘Hastrop’?’ I pondered. I had never really bothered to ask what his true name was because I was fine with the ‘Hassy’.

‘So you are an ex-student?’ The bounced asked.

‘Yes, we all are actually.’ Hassy replied saving our ässes from being bounced since we had no legal reason to be at the graduation ceremony.

‘Ok, you should have just said so since. We are acting this way because we don’t want what happened last year to to repeat itself, I’m sure you guys understand.’ The bouncer replied and shifted so we could pass.

I wasn’t aware of what happened the previous year as the bouncer stated, so I asked Hassy what he meant out of curiosity and he replied;

‘No mind am jhur, na just some mumu estate boys wey drink too much alomo before them come here’

I didn’t ask any more questions, because I instantly understood what he meant, and would have loved to explain it to you guys but that would be a story for another day.

So, we eventually spotted a vacant spot which could contain our three somewhere in between the crowd and we took it quickly before some sharp niggas act ‘sharp’.

I immediately started to survey the environment mainly for two reasons, firstly, to simply know exactly where I was and secondly, to hopefully spot Tenny.

The ceremony was an outdoor event which I assumed was because of the large crowd and the unavailability of a big enough hall. There were over 10 average sized canopies with hundreds of chairs arranged under them and yet people still stood under the sun because the chairs weren’t enough.

I caught a sight of a set of people wearing similar green gowns and a funny looking hat, so I naturally assumed they were the valedictorians.

I looked carefully at each off them in search of Tenny, but she wasn’t in their midst, and this make me worried.

Just when I was about to loose hope and conclude she wasn’t present in the occasion, I was startled by a voice which sounded exactly like hers echoing from a speaker which was kinda close to me;

‘On behalf of my fellow prefects and the entire 2011/2012 graduating set of this prestigious college. I, the headgirl, in person of Adetilewa Teniola wants to say a big thank you to the principal, the teaching and non-teaching staffs, not forgetting the…’

I had to stand up to see the person who had such identical voice and name with Tenny, and I was stunned when I saw it was no other person but my own Teniola.

‘What tha Fûck?!! This girl is not only graduating today, but she is the head girl too and she never mentioned anything about that to me? What’s going on here?’ I pondered.

She had finished her appreciation speech and then Joined her fellow colleagues under the ‘graduants’ canopy before an idea struck me.

I picked up my phone and dialed her number trying to make sure she didn’t see me, but I saw her clearly. It started ringing and I saw her search her bag for something which I assumed was her phone, and I was right.

She brought her phone out and after letting it ring for a while as if she was contemplating if she was going to pick it or not, she finally picked it.


‘yea, hi babes’ i replied.

‘hi boo. Wad up?

‘I’ m cool, where are you? I asked immediately.

I saw her look around as if she was looking for someone before she replied;

‘I’m at my mums shop’

I was so disappointed that I simply hung up.


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#MyComplicatedLoveStory : Moment With Tenny – Episode 61


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