#MyComplicatedLoveStory : The Conspiracy – Episode 23

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CONTINUED FROM => MyComplicatedLoveStory : Kidnappers – Chapter 22

When I finally regained my consciousness, I opened my eyes only to find myself in heaven, or so I thought.

‘No wait, this cant be heaven nah. I thought the bible said the floor in heaven would be made of gold and I’m stepping on a cemented floor’ I thought.

I had a quick look at my environment, it was an average sized room which was painted white all through, it had just a door and a small window for ventilation. Nothing was in the room except the chair I ‘m sitting on, I tried standing up to survey to environment properly only to find out my legs and hands were temporary unavailable because they were tied to the chair.

It was then I remembered the incidence of few moments ago, or wait oh, is it days ago?.. I couldn’t quite decide how long ago the kidnappers incident happened.

The last thing I remembered was seeing two lights heading toward me, sorta like a car headlamps, and then I was carried and dropped in somewhere that seemed like a car booth, but I wasn’t sure, before I blacked out totally, only to wake up in this strange white room.

I started racking my brain, trying to see if I could remember certain things..

‘whats my phone number?? Ermm… 081374*****, ok I think I remember that. Ok what about my name? Ermm, Gerald? No that not my name jhur, it starts with an ‘M’ , ermm, Mumu?…’ I was mentally trying to remember things because it seems I had forgotten everything I knew.

While I was lost in my thoughts of who I was, I was brought back to reality when I heard some noise just out side the door, and then someone walked in.

The person who walked in was a male, maybe in his mid-twenties, he was quite taller than normal and had the body of a wrestler. He was on skin cut and probably applied vaseline on his head because his head shone like the sun.

I was still staring at him trying to analyze him, and figure out who he was when he spoke to me…

‘So you thought you act any how with my sister and run away like that?’ his voice was really thick and that sent a cold shiver down my spine.

‘Run ke? What is this man talking about?’ I thought

‘you can run but cant hide’ he spoke again, but this time a loud scary laughter followed.

At this point I was total lost and confused at what this scary looking macho guy was talking about so I finally spoke..

‘Sir, I done know what you are talking about, I have never seen you before and I’m not running from anybody self’

‘Oh!, you would know me in due time after I call someone’ he replied

‘Who is the person?’ I asked more out of curiosity other than fear.

He simply brought out his phone and made a phone call..

‘hey sis, what sup?….. We have caught him and we are going to teach him a lesson he would never forget’ there was a brief silence, probably because the person he was calling was talking then he spoke again..

‘Ok, you know the usual place nah, we would be waiting for you’ he replied and ended the call.

I quickly understood something from his phone call, he and his sister was in this so its probably a family affair.

‘Have I offended any family so much that they would kidnap me?’ …. I know I have scammed and done some nasty thing to individuals, but not a whole family na’ I was lost in my thoughts when he spoke to me..

‘Don’t worry, I have called the person and she would be here in about 10 minutes’

I didn’t know what to think or reply so I just kept quite and stared at him in a way he probably got uncomfortable, because he left the room.

True to his words, approximately 10 minutes later, he opened the door and walked in again, but this time he walked in with a girl, probably around 19 years.

I have a photographic memory, and on seeing this girl I had a quick flash back and I was so damn sure I knew what all this was all about.

But I guess she warned me at least first, so I had no excuse.


I had a second view of the girl to be sure it was who I had in mind, and yes!, it was her.

The muscular guy then saw how I reacted and asked..

‘so do you know this girl?’ pointing to the girl by his side.

I was too shocked to reply, so I kept quite.

The girl then spoke for the first time since she entered the room;

‘Hi Mike, long time no see..’ she had a wicked mischievous smile on her face.

I just bowed my head as a sign of defeat, and said the three words anybody in my shoes would say;



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