#My Complicated Love Story : Kidnappers – Episode 22

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CONTINUED FROM => MyComplicatedLoveStory : My Wild Adventure – Chapter 21

On hearing how stern ‘sergeant philip’ sounded, I didn’t need to consult the oracle to know he meant business and wasn’t kidding, so I tried asking for what kind of problem I was be involved in, but the only reply I got was;

‘when you get here, you would get all your answers!’ sergeant Phillips literally scream at me over the phone and hung up.

‘why this man come they para like say I rape hin daughter?’ I thought as I had a quick look at the time.

‘BLOOD OF JESUS!!!… 9:52PM!?, when time fly reach this one?’ , I was shocked because I recalled I and Alex getting home very early.

Anyway I quickly dressed up and literally ran out of the house when I remembered Alex was still in it…

‘Na so this girl mumu reach? Her sense no tell am say she suppose don comot?’ I thought, as I angrily opened the locked door and entered the house to chase Alex.

‘What are you still doing there’ I asked her as I got into the room only to see her still on the bed, position unchanged.

‘what does it look like? I’m wait for you to treat me with respect’

‘Treat you with respect? What does that even mean?!’ I raised my voice as I asked this girl who was already really irritating me at the moment.

‘Yes! Treat me with respect!’ her voice was slowly rising too.. ‘how can you just stand up, dress up and leave like that without saying a word to me?’

It then occurred to me that she had a point, I mean, we were about doing something when sergeant Phillips had to interrupt…

‘oh, am sorry about that babe, but it was an emergency’ I apologized and gave a vague explanation

‘what kind of emergency’ she asked again

‘the type that requires someone to behave the way I behaved’ I replied trying to justify my ill manner.

‘hmm, I assume you don’t want to really tell me whats going on. Anyway am off, and don’t ever call me again’ she stood up, already fully dressed and walked past me out of the house.

‘So this girl don commot for bed, dress up? Why she come they para for me nah, chai! All this theater arts student wey no know time to act drama and time for serious business’ I thought as I ran out of the house the second time.

I didn’t know the exact location of the police station, but I knew the rumuokoro community, so I assumed I’ll ask for further directions when I get there.

About 30 minutes later I arrived at rumuokoro, the time was already 10:42PM and it seemed to be a starless night because I looked up and found not one single star.

That’s when my second wahala started.

The whole place looked deserted, I looked at my wrist watch and saw it was just 10:45PM…

‘Shey na so this place dey underdeveloped? If na choba now, even by 2:00AM you go see person ask for directions’ I thought as I walked down the street in hope that I’ll see someone or better still, get to the police station.

20 minutes later, I was still wandering around the community like a compass without bearing…

‘The police station can’t be that far again na, am sure its somewhere around, after all this place no fit to big’ I thought, denying the fact that I was lost and had little hope, but I was wrong.

Another 30 minutes later, I had already walked deep into the community, it was at this point I used my own mouth to admit…

‘hian!! This place big o’

I finally decided to call the police station with the number sergeant Phillips used, but my whole call register had been deleted, I don’t know what or how it happened.

Since that wasn’t a good idea, I decided to just go back home, and come back the next day, after all, the sergeant said ‘ASAP’ meaning as soon as possible, and the possibility of me getting to the station that night was somewhere between 0% and 1%.

I turned back with the intention to go back home, it was then it occurred to me, I didn’t know the road again, I had walked aimlessly for so long that I could retrace my steps. To worsen the situation, everywhere was dead dark and silent.

Out of regret and confusion, I looked at myself, shook my head and said this three words…


Just when I thought all hope was gone, I remembered God, and my bible, a hilarious version of ‘Matthew 7:7′ came to mind…

‘Ask and you shall loss; sick and you shall visit the doctor; knock and the person would knock you back’ I smiled within, forgetting I was hopelessly in the middle of nowhere.

Coming back to reality I started singing a biblical verse that I guess is somewhere in psalm..

‘call upon me, in the time of trouble, call upon me, I will answer you’

I sang the song until hope came.

I could see two male figures heading my direction a short distance away, My happiness knew no boundaries as my heart leaped joy.

‘So finally God has answered me? Ahh! Dear father I promise not to sin again if this people help me, ill pay my tithe from now on’ I made promises I knew I wont fulfill to God.

The boys finally came really close but something unexpected happened.

Instead of them to help me, they started trying to carry me, I didn’t understand what was happening

So I fought back and tried to escape from this people who I thought God sent to rescue me, but instead of rescuing me as God has instructed them to, they were trying to carry me.

‘is this some kind of game?, well even if is a game, I must win oh just incase its not’ I thought

Just then, one of the guy brought out a really big cutlass out of his pocket! And started brandishing it

‘Was this some kind of magic trick?, how that big cutlass take enter this guy small pocket?’ I thought really confused.

The sight of the cutlass scared me, it was then I remembered I was in Port Harcourt, the city of militants, hustlers and kidnappers….

‘KIDNAPPERS!!?? , oh! This people are kidnappers oh, but I thought its only white men they kidnap in PH nah’ I thought, asking myself mentally.

It became obvious to me that this wasn’t a game no more but as serious as sh*t business, you know that saying na:. ‘sh*t business is serious business’ .

I could recall how the one of the richest man in the whole Niger-delta region, Lulu Briggs wife was kidnapped and all police in PH and even soldiers from Bori camp where looking for he not to talk of churches that prayed for her but still yet, the man paid the ransom down to the last penny, without the kidnappers being caught.

The thought of this made me struggle more furious than ever, this was a life or death situation because nobody would pay my ransom if am caught.

Just when I had broken loose from their grab and was about to run like Usain bolt was chasing me, the one with the cutlass hit me on my head, and I think I either died or fainted, I wasn’t really sure


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