#My Complicated Love Story :My Wild Adventure – Episode 21

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‘Are you comfortable watching this movie because I can change it if you aren’t?’ I asked because on the TV screen, Spartacus was busy with Laeta, doing what he knows how to do best, aside fighting.

‘I’m ok with it, I’ve heard so much about the movie so I’m curious’ she replied

‘hmm, ok, I could lend you the movie if you are going’ I offered to give out a movie that ain’t mine all in the name of playing ‘Mr Nice Guy’…

‘Tayo would kill me if he finds out his movie is missing’ I thought.

‘Wow, really?’ she asked with disbelieve.

‘Yea, sure, but you would have to return it once you are through’

‘Hmm, thanks a million’ she replied and hugged me.

The hug was longer and tighter than usual, I couldn’t quite figure out why she was so excited over just a movie but I didn’t care neither.

We both continued watching the movie, 10 minutes into the movie I made a risky move…

I placed my hand on her lap, she paused to stare at me but didn’t react, she just gave me a look that seemed like… ‘go ahead’ to me.

And you trust me na, I went ahead to caress her laps, I was about doing more than caressing her laps when suddenly, she held my hand, and dropped it on my lap saying..

‘stop it’.

I felt so embarrassed but the weirdness of the situation made me laugh out loud…

‘whats so funny?’ she asked with a perplexed facial expression.

‘You! You’re funny’

‘How? I cant recall cracking any jokes’

‘You are a really complex girl and your complexity amazes me’ I replied

‘Now you are really confusing me, what are you talking about’

I wanted to talk about how one minute she is giving me the ‘go ahead’ look and when proceed to go ahead, she tells me ‘stop it’, but I didn’t think that would be a good idea, so I changed the topic.

‘Nevermind, I’m just having my 5 minutes daily madness’ I replied

‘hmm, you had better regain your sanity on time before I run away from you’ she replied smiling

I smiled too and for a moment we had what I’ll like to call ‘lovers eye contact’..

‘You know I like you right?’ I asked , still making sure I and her eyes were locked on eachothers

‘hmm, do you?’ she asked, and I could see her cheeks get red…

‘Yes, I do.. Am surprised you haven’t noticed it’ I replied taking advantage of the fact that she was blushing.

‘Hmm, I like you too’ she replied shyly

‘JACKPOT!!!’ I screamed in my mind.

‘So why didn’t you say anything since?’ I asked, with the hopes of her saying certain things

‘Seriously? , why didn’t you say something too, or am I the only one doing the liking here?’ she fired back at me.

I nearly lost my composure but I repackaged and defended myself..

‘Ermm, am the one who just said it first, meaning if I hadn’t said it you wouldn’t have said it neither

‘Ermm, you have known me for a few days, you cant tell me you are just liking me now, or have you forgotten you are talking to a mind surgeon?, I’m a part time psychologist, and I study people’ she replied

‘Hmm, a theater art student who claims to be a psychologist, that’s interesting

‘I know’ she replied with a wink

‘Ok then, since you claim to be a psychologist, can you tell me what’s on my mind?’ I asked, actually hoping she would be able read my mind because I was was screaming ‘KISS ME!!’ mentally.

‘I never said I was a socerer nah, I just read people based on character, I don’t read minds’ she replied.

‘chai, see fu*k up!, I guess I’ll have to use another style’ I thought.

‘So, what do people who like themselves do?’ I asked

‘Ermm, I don’t know, tell me’

‘I can’t tell you, but I can show you’

‘Ok then, show me’

‘Are you sure?’ I asked with a tone that signifies my naughty thoughts

‘Yea, am sure’ she replied mimicking my naughty tone

So I leaned forward in an attempt to kiss her, she didn’t respond at first, but she unexpectedly put her arms round my shoulder and deepened the kiss.

When finally separated our mouths from doing what they were doing, we both stared at each other awkwardly for a while, I could sense something was going through her mind, and thoughts of apologizing crossed my mind but out of the blue, she said…

‘Oh to hell with that!’

Then grabbed me once again, this time we did more than kissing.

Somehow without loosing contact for a minute, we landed in the bedroom and started undressing each other. We had both crept into the bed and started doing little things to each other, when…

my phone rang…

‘who be dis enemy of progress wey them dey do from hyn mama village?’ I thought

I was contemplating on whether I should pick the call or not, when Alex’s phone started ringing too..

‘E be like say this one do pass ‘be careful’ o’ I thought

So I grabbed my phone, it was a strange number.

‘Hello, who is this?’ I asked

‘Is this Micheal Odoh?’ the caller asked sternly

‘Yes, any…’ I was cut short by the caller

‘I am sergeant Phillips, and am calling from the rumuokoro community police station’

‘ok, any problem?’

‘no, but there would be one if you don’t report to our station ASAP’


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