#My Complicated Love Story : Sexy Alex in My Room Episode 20

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CONTINUED FROM => MyComplicatedLoveStory : Meet My Lecturer – Chapter 19b

‘I be like boutique for your eye?’ I replied the dude rhetorically.

He gave me a shocked look, probably because of my weird reply, then bursted out in laughter.

‘guy calm down, no be fight na’ he finally replied when he was done laughing

‘see the kind mumu question wey you dey ask me nah, you don ever see me wear corporate come lectures?’

‘how you wan make I take know? Shey na to they observe wetin you dey wear you wan make I dey do if I come school?’.

At this point I realized how silly my reply was, but didn’t apologize tho, I just excused myself and headed home.

On my way, I had to pass the Uniport delta campus where basically theater arts students have most of their lectures, so thoughts of seeing Alex, crossed my mind. I brought out my phone and dialed it praying she was there but not having a lecture or something like that…

I called twice but got no response so I just decided to just forget about it and go home, but, just then, my phone rang and it was Alex…

‘hello’ I said when I picked the call,

‘yea, hi, sorry for not picking your call, I was having a lecture, although I’m done now’ she explained, my prayer was answered.

‘ok, so are you done with lectures for the day? I asked

‘yea, sure’

‘hmm, nice, do you want to hangout?’ I finally stated my real reason of calling.

‘ermm, am not feeling too good, but ok, where are you?’ she asked

‘I’m at the front of delta campus’ I replied

‘hmm, seriously? What are you doing there?’ she asked surprised

‘Ermm, lets just say am waiting for my ‘miss nameless’ to come’ I replied teasing her

‘You not going to ever forget that ‘nameless’ thing, right?

‘Nope I won’t, can you ever forget the name of someone you like and care about?’ I replied stylishly attaching the ‘like and care’ to the reply for a reason.

‘hmm, like and care about ke? I never knew you did oh’ she gave the exact response I had hoped for , so to keep her thinking, I avoided replying that statement…

‘yea yea, ok am waiting for you under this hot sun, run and come jhur’ I hung up afterwards.

Few minutes later, while I was mischievously scoping and analyzing all those sexy theater art girls that were coming out and going into the delta campus, Alex arrived and with an exchange of pleasantries we both headed for my place.

We passed a very popular eatery somewhere around the school, named ‘Sammies’, and this girl had the intention of wrecking me by suggesting we went in to eat, but as per sharp guy wey no carry money that kind money come school, I ended the career of the eatery with my mouth…

‘Are you seriously suggesting we eat in such local place? Haven’t you tasted their food? Their rice tastes like chalk, most of their snacks are about a week old because nobody buys it, and you want to eat there?’ I asked

‘Ermm, am just joking nah, lets just go to your place, hope its not far?’ she replied trying to cover up.

I complimented my ever sharp brain and I laughed out my Bottom, in my mind of course.

‘No, its not far at all’ I replied.

We got to my place and luckily for me, the house was empty.

I offered her a drink and got talking again, it was then I found out she wasn’t a fresher like me, but already in 300lv…

‘Are you serious?’ I asked surprised.

‘Yea sure, how about you, what level?’ she asked

‘ermm, am in 200lv’ I lied, I actually thought about claiming 400 or 300, but that would have been to risky.

‘hmm, ok’ she replied, her ‘ok’ wasn’t convincing at all, but I wasn’t going to let level differences spoil my parole.

So I stood up and used that ‘lets watch a movie’ line, she accepted, so I played no other movie but the almighty erotic Spartacus season 1, ‘blood and sand’.

While we were both watching the movie, or better still, why she was watching the movie(my mind wasn’t even there), I slowly slipped a hand over her shoulder and purposely let it drop on her boobs, she didn’t complaining or shake.

‘hmm, here is hot oh, aren’t you feeling the heat?’ I asked 15 minutes into the movie. Actually there was no heat at all oh, rather there was cold self, but it was just a way to suggest she removes her jacket *winks*.

‘Ermm, yea, its kinda hot’ she replied playing along.

‘You could remove your jacket if you don’t mind’ I suggested, I had removed my shirt and was wearing just a singlet.

She gave it a thought and removed the jacket. She wore a sparkling white armless top inside which grabbed the right things in the right places.

This sight turned me on, and I was determined to have my way, no matter what the cost was…

So I made another suggestion…

‘Are you…’


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