#MyComplicatedLoveStory : Meet My Lecturer – Episode 19B

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Continued From => #My Complicated Love Story : My New Prey – Episode 19A

We talked for a little longer and I kept chipping in my dry jokes which she found really hilarious and therefore laughed her Bottom off..

MTN alerted me on my limited airtime and I quickly ended the call;

Ok na, I was about sleeping before I thought about you, so just wanted to say hi and goodnight’ I said

‘ok, thanks dear, sleep well’

‘that a sure bet, who wouldn’t sleep well after talking to you before sleeping’ I said flattering her

‘Oh, don’t start again, good night’ she replied laughing and hung up before I could say any other thing.


Its was a new day, friday to be specific when I woke up the next morning. I kinda woke up on the right side of the bed feeling really good for reasons best known to me. I had no morning lectures so I basically played around, I went round the whole lodge disturbing my neighbor until it was 2pm, when I had my 1st lecture of the day.

I had a quick look at my timetable and saw MGT 152.2 under ‘FRiDAY’ , this meant I that’s what I had. The whole time table which I had snapped with my phone due to laziness to copy it (I learnt that from ify) had many course codes.. MGT 151.2, MGT 130.2, GES 100.2 etc.

‘I really don’t get why all this courses have codes, it kinda make them look scary and hard.. Why don’t they use just the course title, take for example, MGT 152.1 which title was ‘Business communication… Doesn’t that make it look easier?’ I thought.

Anyway I prepared and headed straight to the ‘ETF lecture hall’ located in the uniport’s abuja campus. Don’t ask me what ETF means because I don’t know too.

On getting there, the hall was kind full to the brim with unfamiliar faces, I assumed I was at the wrong venue, so I tried calling wizzy to get things straight, but his number wasn’t reachable. Just when I was about getting really worried I started seeing faces that were familiar in the crowd, I walked up to one I kinda knew well and was sure he was from my department.

‘guy how far nah?’ I asked on getting closer to him

‘I dey oh, how you dey?’ he replied after recognizing me

‘I’m just there o, shey na here we suppose get the MGT 152?’ I asked

‘yes na, na wetin dey timetable’

‘oh, who come be all this ones who full here?’ I asked

‘na combined course, we dey do am with marketing and H.T.M’ he replied, (HTM is the abbreviation of Hospitality and Tourism Management)

‘ok that explains allot, I said and I kept quiet, I thought of asking him for his name but that would kinda be gayish, so we just sat and chilled for the lecturer to come.

10 minutes later, a very thin tall man, who had a problem buying clothes that were his size because the clothes he had on were those type that could act as a parachute if he jumped from a plane walked into the hall and headed straight to the stage at the front of the hall. His lips were really big and black maybe due to excessive smoking, not to talk of his eyes that seemed to be slowly sinking into their sockets which were covered by a small transparent glasses which looked recommended.

He dropped his suitcase on a table, and stood there looking at the whole occupants of the hall, just like magic, everyone in the hall kept quite without being told to and in a few seconds, the hall was as quite as a grave yard.

The man first cleared his throat, then with a voice that echoed round the whole hall he gave an introductory speech…

‘Good afternoon class, I am barrister Fidelis Nwachukwu and I am going to be taking you in this course…’ he walked down to the white board and wrote down ‘BUSiNESS COMMUNiCATiON (MGT 152.2)’ with a red marker. Then he continued

‘Before I begin, there are certain rules I would state now, and if you want to pass my course, you must obey them..’ he cleared his throat again and continued speaking…

‘Firstly, when coming to my class, you must dress in corporate, this includes a plain pant trousers, a shirt and a tie for the gents, and for the ladies, you figure out what to wear by yourself, don’t wear all those wizkid type trousers or ‘show me your back’ kind of shirt to my class if you don’t want to enter my black book. Also I won’t tolerate late comers, once am in the hall, don’t bother entering, and if you don’t have up to 80% attendance, you won’t write my exam. That’s all I have to say for now. If you have any questions, drop it with your course reps later on. But as for now, the 3 course reps should follow me outside with immediate effect!. See you all next week’ he concluded and walked out of the hall same way he entered.

‘chai! Uniport and their wahala!, I no plan for this one oh, which kind lecturer be this now? The only thing close to corporate wey I get nah my chinos trousers, and e be like say all of them be like ‘wizkid trousers’ ‘ I thought

just then, the dude by my side asked…

‘o boy, shey you get any corporate cloth wey you fit borrow me next week?

I laughed for and then gave him a ‘JAMB’ reply…

‘shey you …’


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