#My Complicated Love Story : My New Prey – Episode 19A

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After taking the sit beside her, She turned to have a clear view of me.

I could read her thoughts and am sure she was thinking something like;

‘this dude is just annoyingly stupid, see how he is disturbing me, how the hell would I chase him away?’

but before she could figure out what to say, I quickly made my move…

‘So how about you, do you have a name?’ I asked

‘Ermm, no, I’m nameless’ she replied

‘ok, hmm… ‘nameless’? Nice name, nice to meet you’ I replied sarcastically

she giggled then replied;

‘yea, nice to meet you Michael’

‘ok, so you are a student of uniport obviously, mind telling me what department?’

‘I’m a theater art student’ she replied, finally opening up.

‘Wow, so you one of those people that came to school to dance and act drama?’ I said, hoping she would get I’m just kidding

‘hey! theater art is just underrated, there is more to it than just dancing, you know? She replied, ready to start an argument which I wasn’t ready for.

‘yea right…I would have loved to hear your argument on this matter, but I really have to get going now, I have some stuffs to do’ I replied trying to avoid the presumed argument.

‘ok, no problem’

‘so can I at least get your number so we could maybe hook up later?’

‘Ermm, yea, sure’ she replied and gave me the number.

She then snatched my phone just when I was about saving the number, and saw ‘NAMELESS’ which I mischievously intended on using to save the number. She just laughed shaking her head, then typed something.

I took the phone back and saw ‘ALEXANDER’.

‘Hmm, your name is alexander? Like Seriously? I asked

‘Yea, any problem?’

‘No oh, not at all, just that Alexander sounds like all those ancient names they used during Merlin’s time, you know like Gwenivere, Morgana, Alexander’ I said teasing her

‘Enhen! Its not your fault nah, I’m the monkey that told you my name’ she replied getting kinda offended

‘Urmm, its not like that o, don’t get me wrong, I’m just joking’ I quickly explained before water pass garri

‘yea yea, I get, I’m just playing along’ she replied with a smile

‘ok then, see you around Alex, I’ll call you later’ I said, then stood up to leave.

She said nothing more, before I was beyond her sight, I looked back and she was still staring at me from the hall, I waved at her and disappeared from her sight.

I went straight home, and on getting there, there was a full house. Urch, Tayo, Sandra and even Chisom who just couldn’t fully let go of Urch, her ex.

They were all watching the movie series ’24’ which I bought just the first 3 seasons barely a day ago, it kinda surprised me how they were already in season 2.

‘This people don get new addiction oh, jack bauer don jazz them’ I thought as I went to the room to freshen up. They didn’t even know somebody just entered the house.

30 minutes later I was done and had eaten too, so I joined them to watch the movie to know what so addictive about it. And I found out oh! Because I did nothing other than watch Jack bauer infiltrate the chinese embassy or save an american hostage from an Iraq underground prison through out the day, even PHCH couldn’t stop us because the gen was filled to the brim with fuel.

Well that’s how that day ended, but I slept, Alex crossed my mind so I called her…

‘as you go through life you’ll see there is so much that we don’t understand, and the only…’ it was her caller tune, and was obviously the ‘LION KING’ sound track. I figured she would be one of those hannah montana, disney kinda person from the caller tune, I was enjoying the song anyway when she picked up…

‘hello?’ she said, her voice was kinda really cute and it reminded me of our little encounter earlier that day.

** Just for the record, Alex had this serious nerdy look, with the big rayban glasses she had on,also she was cute and had a strangely long hair which complimented the face. As for her ‘front and back’, I didn’t really care to check that out. Sincerely she didn’t look like a Nigerian, probably an indian or something like that… I guess you get the basic idea, so back to my story **

‘ermm, hi, am I speaking to nameless please? I asked with a naughty smile on my face

‘you are silly, I thought I told you my name finally she replied after laughing for a while (she didn’t even ask who was calling)

‘ermm, yea I know, but I kinda prefer calling you nameless’

‘ok oh, that’s your cross to bear’ she replied figuratively.

‘all this theater arts students and their strange verbal expressions sha’ I thought

‘ok, so whats up nah? How did your day go?’ I asked, trying to continue the conversation

‘ermm, cool, although rain wanted to spoil it’ she replied, referring to the rain that wanted to fall during the day.

‘oh! You should thank me then’

‘thank you for what?’

‘for not letting the rain fall, or don’t you know I’m the god of rain?’ I replied, in an attempt to feel funny.

She laughed then replied

‘ok then, thank you, god of rain


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