#My Complicated Love Story : New Deal For Sandra – Episode 18

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CONTINUED FROM => MyComplicatedLoveStory : My Second Chance – Episode 17

So I looked up and there she was…

‘You really need to start believing your course rep and Amaka’ she said

‘Ermm…err..err..Sandra what are you doing here?’ I asked jumping round the whole room mentally

‘Is that how you welcome the person you claim to love?’

‘Oh, am sorry, I forgot my manners. ermm welcome’ I said with a wide smile

‘Yea, thanks’ she replied and walked past me straight to the bed and sat down.

Everybody in the room got the hint that it was time to let daddy and mummy talk so one by one dey all gave really silly an obvious excuses before leaving, and in about a minute we were alone in the room.

‘Ermm, baby I know you have every right on earth to be mad at me and probably never forgive me, but am sorry… I don’t even have a reasonable excuse, infact I…’ I was lamenting when she interrupted me saying.

‘Would you just shut up?!’

E’ermm, ok’ I replied and made a hand gesture which signified I had zipped my mouth.

‘If you weren’t forgiven, I wont be here. You know you have a lot of people who cares about you right?’ she asked, I assumed it was a rhetorical question so I didn’t reply, then she continued talking…

‘I mean, it was really weird but kinda sweet when your course rep and roommates came over to my room and started telling me how you having been acting because of me’

‘hmm, I love you baby’ was all I could say.

‘I love you too’

‘hmm, does this mean we are back together?’ I asked with high hopes

‘Ermm, nah, not really, don’t get me wrong tho, I love you and nothing much would change but I don’t want to risk dating you again’

I thought about it for a while and came to the conclusion that as far as I’ve got her heart and attention, I’m fine with that.

‘Ermm, ok, I understand, so we can be just friends right?’ I asked to confirm where I really stood

‘Ermm, nah, ‘just friends’ don’t love each other and don’t do this’ I was about to ask what is the ‘this’ just friends don’t do when she leaned forward and kissed me. Trust me when I say that was one of the best kiss I’ve ever had in my whole life.

‘so what are we then?’ I asked when we were done with our two hours long kiss. Okay, that’s an exaggeration.

‘Lets say we are BFWLB’ she replied

‘BFWLB?? What the f*ck is that?’ I asked laughing but kinda curious.

‘Ermm, Best Friends With Little Benefits’ she replied with a wink

‘You are a case’ I shook my head and laughed.

We made out and smooched a little more before she left, nothing that’s really a big deal tho.

That night I slept like a baby.

The whole BFWLB thing worked and was perfect for us, although she later had a new boyfriend named ‘David’ I wasn’t really jealous because I knew I was the number one guy in her life even though she might never accept it, or at least that’s what I thought.

Exams finally came and went really fast, based on what I knew I wrote I had no problems.

Like play like play, the semester was over. Since the holiday was just a week I didn’t really go home, I just hanged around PH with relatives and friends until the new semester resumed.

Then a new chapter in my complicated love life started.


I went for a math tutorial class that I had registered for due to the fact I and math were sworn enemies. When the class was over I packed up my books and headed out of the lecture hall as usual when I saw her for the first time. To make things better, she was walking up to me, or so I thought.

You know all those scenes in movies where they show every thing in slow motion and the girl’s hair flows freely while her eyes glows like the sun, then they show the girl smiling excessively with the guy just staring at her with his mouth wide open? Well that’s exactly what happened to me.

Time froze for a few minutes, but I was brought back to reality when instead of her stopping at my front like I had expected, she walked passed me and entered the hall I had just left.

After fully regaining my consciousness I walked back into the hall to find the girl who blew my mind away without even trying.

I spotted her at the far left corner of the hall and without thinking of my approach, or what ill say I just walked up to her.

‘Hi’ I said

‘Yea, hi’ she replied without even looking at me, so I tried another approach…

‘Apart from being so cute and attractive, what other quality do you have?’ I flattered, and it worked.

‘Hmm, sorry do I know you?’ she replied, finally looking at me.

‘No you don’t, but I think you should’ I replied with a cute smile

‘Uh, and why should I know you?’ she asked

‘Well because I want to know you and it wouldn’t be fair if you don’t know me in return’ I replied

‘Hmm, I’m sorry I don’t want you to know me, my mum told me not to talk to strangers’ she replied with a smile

‘Hmm, is that so?’

‘Yup, so if you don’t…’ I interrupted her before she could complete the statement

‘Ok then I’m Michael, and I’m studying managements, so you see, I’m no longer a stranger’ I replied and sat down beside her with the smile of a victor planted on my face.


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