#My Complicated Love Story : Sandra’s Room Mate – Episode 12a

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CONTINUE FROM =>MyComplicatedLoveStory : Meet My Naughty Course Mates – Episode 11

So when we got home, instead of going to Sandra’s room directly, we decided to drop by my place first.

On getting to the door, we could hear strange sounds like;

‘ahh!! Yea baby.. A little to the left’

‘oh god!!, you are killing me!’

I was shocked at first but then I remembered leaving Tayo alone in
the house, so it was obvious Tayo was ‘busy’ *winks*.

Anyway Sandra heard the sounds too but just laughed and said;
‘I guess that’s your roommate in action right?’

‘yea, I guess’ I replied laughing too

‘alright, lets not disturb his fun. Lets go to my room’ she suggested and I agreed so we headed for her room.

On entering her room, I saw Amaka reading at one of the extreme corners of the room where a blue plastic chair and a table was placed.

I said ‘hi’ but what I got in response was just a wave, she didn’t even turn to respond properly, I assumed she was engrossed in whatever she was reading, so I didn’t push it.

Sandra meanwhile was already undressing in other to put on a
more casual wear and didn’t care of my presence, ‘well there is nothing she has that I haven’t seen’ I thought.

She removed her top and her bra as well, for a moment I felt the urge to … You know na , but it was the wrong time and place so I controlled myself.

She changed into a blue bump short and a grey top, then finally noticed me who was still standing at the door like an electric pole;

‘why are you standing there?’ she didn’t wait for a reply ‘make yourself comfortable na, or are you waiting for Obama to offer you a sit?’ she said being sarcastic.

I just smiled and made a move to sit on her bed, once I was on it, I recalled the incidence of the previous night, I smiled in a mischievous way.

‘what can I offer you?’ she asked after she noticed I was settled.

‘nothing actually, I’m just fine, thanks’ I replied

‘no o, that can’t happen, you can’t come to my house and go like that na, its kind rude’

‘hmm, I don’t mind like seriously, don’t bother’ was my reply

‘that one is for your pocket o, am going to bring something for you to drink and I’ll force you to drink it if I have to’ she replied being persistent

‘you are really stubborn oh’ I replied already defeated

‘so its now you are knowing?’ she asked rhetorically and left for the kitchen to bring the drink.

I brought out my phone and tried calling Tayo who didn’t pick until my 3rd attempt.

‘o boy no vex say I no pick your call since, I byn dey do something’ Tayo said after finally picking my call

‘no wahala, I know, sha do fast comot there oh, I don dey around for like one hour now, shey that thing no dey tire you?’

‘hahaha, you no go understand even if I try explain, anyway, I don finish and I don pursue the babe go her papa house,so you fit dey come house’ Tayo replied

‘Ok, I go soon dey come’ I replied and hung up.

Amaka who had been eavesdropping then said;
‘that was Tayo right?’

I wasn’t surprised she knew Tayo because the guy is an ideal
ashewo(you get na?), so he probably would have spoken to all the girls in the whole street and beyond.

‘yea, how did you know’ I asked

‘never mind, I just know’ she replied and closed the book she was reading, then picked up her phone and started pressing it. I noticed this and figured this was a good time to start a conversation, so I said;

‘so its Amaka right?’ I asked, trying to use that line to start the conversation.

‘yea, it is’ she replied

‘ok, nice name by the way’ I complemented

‘yea yea, thanks, I know I’ve been told that many times’ she replies then winked at me.

I got the hint she was enjoying the conversation so I pushed

‘I guess I’m not the only one who have complimented your name’

‘obviously’ she replied

‘but one thing I’m sure of is they haven’t told you how cute you are with a super hot body, not to mention your ‘to die for’
curves’ I said pouring out my multiple combo compliments.

she laughed for a while the said;
‘I know you are just whining me’ she was obviously blushing

‘no am not, am dead serious’ I replied

‘Ok, what do you want me to say now?’

‘say nothing, but I want you to give me something’ I replied, being aware that Sandra would soon come out with the drinks and won’t be pleased if I asked for what I was about to ask Amaka
now in her presence.

‘and what would that be?’ she asked with a curious face

‘nothing big, just your phone number, so we can hook up and talk some other time’

‘hmmm, ok, no p.. 080xxxxxxxx’ she gave me her phone number.

Barely seconds after I had saved the number Sandra walked in with a tray containing a 1 kg Chivita pack and just one glass.

‘just one glass?’ I asked with the funny thought of Sandra over hearing I and Amaka conversation so decided to poison me out of jealously or something like that.

‘yea, I don’t take drinks with artificial flavours, and there is nothing else in the house, hope you don’t mind?’ she gave a weird reply

‘no, I don’t mind at all, thanks’ I replied staring at the contents of
the tray.


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