#MyComplicatedLoveStory: The Strange Visitor – Episode 4

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Continued From Episode 3 => #MyComplicatedLoveStory: The Club Saga – Episode 3

Episode 4 

The Strange Visitor

The time was around 1:23pm when I woke up on saturday afternoon, Tayo who was by my side was still sleeping like a dead goat and not even shaking at all, but I didn’t bother him up, yet, because after all that I assumed he had done in the club, while I and Sandra were just gisting, he definitely needed the sleep.

So I brushed my teeth and cleaned up, then sat down in the sitting room to check my email and things like that, it was at this point I realized I was hungry, not the kind of hunger you say ‘cheri kam bia’ to but the one you need to quickly attend to, it was like the worms in my stomach were rioting, I won’t be lying if I say I heard them sing;

‘we no go gree o
we no go gree,
big bros Michael give us our food !’

I stared at Tayo with annoyance because the guy seemed not to care about anything other thing at that moment but sleep, a part of my mind told me; ‘leave him to sleep, be nice’, while the other was saying the direct opposite,
‘wake him up, abi you wan make hungry kill you for here?’

I gave it a thought and agreed with the second part, I tried waking Tayo up by screaming his name but he didn’t even shake, I then tapped him but got no response, I kicked him and still no response, then an evil idea popped into my mind.

I went to the bathroom, filled a bucket with water and poured it all on Tayo, it worked like magic.

Tayo sprung up from his bed and suddenly ran out of the house while cursing the person who poured him water, which of course was me.

I just smiled and followed him outside, thinking he wouldn’t retaliate or at least not immediately, but I was wrong, dead wrong.

As I got outside Tayo was busy looking for something seriously, I teased him;

‘guy you forget your brain for there, wey you dey find am?’ he just ignored me and kept searching, finally he found what he was looking for… A big long stick, once I saw it, I understood sharply and ran into the house not waiting to find out what he wanted to do with the stick.

He chased me with the speed of light but I was a little bit faster, I ran straight to the room where Urch and Sandra slept for the night and locked the door as fast as I could, then started laughing at Tayo who was locked outside and still screaming with fury


‘hyn dey house’ I replied trying to frustrate him the more.

Then he said ‘You dey mad, You don die today, I go kill you’

‘tah! Dem dey catch breeze?’

We exchanged lot of curses but at a point he got tired and I heard him leave, then I relaxed and turned to face the room for the first time, it was then I noticed something weird.

Although Urch was still in bed sleeping in an awkward position, with one of his leg in Jamaica, the other in Ghana and his hands were under the pillow, I looked round the room but couldn’t find Sandra nor her hand bag or any clue she was even here.

Different thoughts crossed my mind about her where about,

‘shey this girl no follow us come house? Abi she be winch wey don disappear? Or maybe na me no dey see well’ I thought before I headed to the bathroom to rinse my face with water then came to check again.

I searched the whole room twice looking for her but all to no avail, I woke Urch up and asked him but he didn’t have any idea of her where about.

I finally opened the door and went to ask Tayo who was sitting at the sitting room with the stick he wanted to break my head with on his lap, I ignored it and just asked him straight up;

‘guy you know where Sandra dey?’

‘who be sandra?’ he inquired

‘that babe wey we carry come house yesternight’

‘oh! Na Sandra be her name? Nice name. She go dey room na’

‘ode! If she dey room I go they ask you if you see am abi you blind wen I enter the room ?’

‘guy go check well jhur, where she wan dey again nah, abi she don turn ghost?’

‘oga, shebi na you wey sabi see road pass? Oya come show me where the babe dey for room nah’

‘ok nah, but if I see am for there, I go burst your eye’ I didn’t respond again, I just watched him walk into the room then he came out and said;

‘oboy the girl no dey there true true oh!’

‘so na latin I dey speak since? Abi no be wetin I tell you dat?’

At this point it was obvious Sandra was missing or was she playing a prank on us, we both stared at each other for a while in total confusion and silence.

The silence was broken by a knock on the door

‘kpo kpo kpo’

We were both stunned by the sudden knock, but neither of us wanted to open the door, we just stood on the same spot.

Then there was a second knock

‘kpo kpo kpo’ this time I gathered courage and asked;

‘who is it?’ not knowing who was knocking at the door by that time of the day, as a matter of fact we didn’t have much visitors who actually still ‘knock’, they just barge in as they like, talk less of a saturday afternoon where everywhere used to be dry.

So we patiently waited for a response, not sure if we really wanted to know who was at the door.

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#MyComplicatedLoveStory: The Club Saga – Episode 3


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