I Barely Knew My Husband Before I Married Him; He Is Too Over Controlling, I Want To Leave Him

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I have been married for about 4yrs. I really did’nt know him very well before we got married. I knew him from church as a good guy. He is a very good christain and prayerful. The problem is he complains about everything I do, I am expecting our 2nd baby even when I was pregnant with our 1st child I told him I don’t want him to be in the hospital with me because he never has anything good to say to me only finding faults.

I never have peace of mind, he tells me everything to do, he doesn’t want dirty dishes in the sink. He is just very controlling, abusive and insensitive with words and I always tell him. I use to think because he was a religious person maybe he is not used to how to treat a woman, and I will get marriage posts and send to him. Some things he tries to change, but he still treats me badly, talks to me anyhow and I am not used to people disrespecting me, how much more the man I am married to.

We quarrel all the time,I cry all the time and really miserable. I can’t communicate with him, he always shut me up, so these days I try to keep to myself even if things are going bad. He talks down at me, supports outsiders over me. I am a young woman and can’t live like this for the rest of my life, my happiness is very important to me even if it means me leaving the marriage. He is a good person but not a good husband, I really want to leave him so he can find someone that can make him happy since I can’t.

I want to leave him early so he can find someone else in order for me to move on with my own life. I don’t have a job , I am just thinking how can I move on and survive on my own with my kids. Pls kindly give your constructive advice.



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