I Had A Dirty Past & I Am Confused About Who To Marry

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I need advice and desperately too pls. This is a real life story. I am a 32yr old single mother and was a prostitute. I had my kid at 16 and my education was truncated. Poverty, bad friends and other pressures of life pushed me into this dirty trade years later.

I had a dream to better my life so I went back to school. From the proceeds of my dirty trade, I raised my kid and thankfully he just completed his WAEC and I have also graduated from the university. I met many men and they always wonder why I was in the trade. I went online and met a naija man who lives in the UK who wants to marry me. He is cool with my kid and wants to come home in December to marry me. I am happy because he knows nothing about my past. Out of the blues,one of my former clients proposed marriage to me this morning. He says I am his dream woman, he has studied me and understood why I lived my life that way.

I am confused!! This guy knows all about my dirty past yet he doesnt care. My fear is that he might use it against me in the future. I am also scared that my UK guy will find out about about my past later in future. I need matured advice pls. I am disease free and very healthy…beautiful too and unless I tell you,you will never guess that I was ever on the street. I need advice asap

Thank you all.

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