Story: Woman Smashes Husband’s Head With Frying Pans For Getting Her Sister Pregnant

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I logged on Facebook and a childhood friend sent me a chat! After chatting for like one hr, we decided to hook for drinks later that night.
Fortunately or unfortunately, he stays not too far from my house. So he said he would pick me from my house so he can know where I live.

He came and we decided that I go to know his own house too before going for a couple of drinks.

On our way to his house, he asked if..I remember one babe like this that stayed in our neighbourhood back then.. “Oh yes I remember” guy na my wife be that o! She dey house now.

Ha, great! But guy you bad o.. How you take see the babe marry, men na long story.. We approached his house and went to his apartment door.

His phone rang and it was his wife, so he pickd it up and said ‘babe I am at the door’ he turned to me and said his wife’s mother was around.

On getting to the door, he pressed the bell, turned his head and was still talking to me. When the door opened.. *sighs*

The wife came out with a frying pan and smashed it on his head, with another one to the face. Guy fell flat on the floor. She was screaming!

So you have impregnated my sister! Blood was gushing out of the guy’s head. D babes mother came out holding the wife saying ” ode ni suru’

I looked at the guys head.. See blood! He got up dazed! He said ‘mo fun tani loyun’ asking I impregnated who? Wife screamed you are dead o.

Guy was badly bleeding.. Spat out a broken tooth. I just stand freeze for there.

Mother in law goes inside to bring out babes sister and said oya repeat what you told me in front of him.

Babe’s sister said.. ‘ I was lying ni o’ I only said he was the one when the beating my sister was giving me was too much! I unfreeze.

The mother said ha mogbe! Guy was still bleeding badly! At this time he couldn’t even say anything.

The wife came out from where ever she went to and the mother said ‘Oni Tunde ko lo fun owun ni Oyun o’ modaran!

Wife looked at the husband and looked at the sister., ngbo? Tunde ko lo fun e loyun’? Sister said oti, she pointed 2 houses away and said..

Her boyfriend that stays there did and started pleading that the sister shouldn’t go there to cause a scene.. Meanwhile, my guy still dey bleed seriously. He just said pls take me to the hospital…

I just stand there dey look.. He gave me his car key and said I should just take him to the hospital..

After many turning and description, we got there and they had to stitch the guys head.. Left him there after he was admitted and sedated.

Gave the doctor his car key and jejely carry bike go my own house.

Been speaking to him over the phone but I don’t want to ask about his wife.. And I am not sure I will step into that compound again!

You could see the anguish in the mother in laws face.. She just kept on screaming ‘I have told you to be patient” see what u have done?

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