Help: My Husband Is In Love With Another Woman

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A while ago, I discovered my husband was having an affair. It wasn’t a short term roll in the hay it was more of a relationship with another Lady.

Well to cut the long story short after all the trouble, the separation the quarrels and the tears and begging for forgiveness, we decided to give it another shot.

We moved on with our lives , until last week when I tried to use his phone and found a suspicious received call. Then I discovered he was still in contact with her. shocked now this lady has moved on, she’s married now and has a child and is fearful for her own marriage cos I did threaten her about telling her husband what she was up to, so I’d doubt she will try.

So I asked him, dude what is all this about? From our discussion I realized that their relationship wasn’t just intimate that he loved her and now he has a hard time letting go of her.

It is tough for me you know. I told her if he loves her, he can go to her and I’ll be fine. He says he doesn’t but I know he’s lying, I know he loves her cos I cld tell he was pained when he realized she was getting married.

It’s all really depressing right now, should I give him space to get over it cos he keeps calling her just to talk to her. Honestly right now, I’m tired, I’m about to give up.

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One Response to “Help: My Husband Is In Love With Another Woman”
  1. Emeka
    # February 28, 2014 at 12:40 pm

    Dont give up Sis. U re one in a million. Jst keep on praying for him. The truth is dat he thinks he is in love bt unknown to him dat lady will bring his doom. Jst be faithful. i really feel u.

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