Letter to Single Men From Single Ladies

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Dear very loving male folks,

We the female folks wish to bring to your notice that in less than 3 weeks  there shall be the celebration of love (Feb 14).. We’d appreciate it if alongside that box of chocolate is a box of ring- be it diamond, gold, silver or bronze!

We know how much you want us to take a trip to  Bahamas sun-city, Miami and Paris and we appreciate the kind gesture. BUT instead of the holiday trip, we would appreciate it if you took a trip to our family house instead!

We’ve given you enough hints such as invitation to weddings, church vigils, child dedication and all sorts.Unfortunately, you are all dumb to realize that- of course we understand that some of you broke up with us during the Xmas period but apologies will only be accepted in the form of a marriage proposal with it’s consummation in no distant time!

Valentine’s day is just 3 weeks away so you have enough time to call your friends for a drink and tell your fathers, mothers and siblings about us.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.


President, Single Ladies Association.

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