Video: Lazio Striker Miroslav Klose Told Referee To Cancel a Goal He Scored With His Hand

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German striker Miroslav Klose displayed a rare example of fair play in football last night when he scored with his hand and then told the ref to disallow it.

Last night Napoli played Lazio in Serie A and the Roman side went down 3-0. However, their German striker Miroslav Klose proved he was the man of the night after a fine act of sportsmanship.

Klose managed to score from a corner by flicking the ball in with his hand. It is hard to tell but it looks accidental. But as the Napoli defenders went crazy, and as the Lazio players celebrated, Klose went to the referee to tell him to disallow the goal.

As you can see in the video, it appears that some of Klose’s team-mates try to pull him away from the referee but the message got across and the goal was chalked off. The Napoli players then flock to Klose to thank him for his honesty.

In the end, an Edinson Cavani hat-trick saw Napoli home safely but the German takes the headlines from the Uruguayan around the world today.

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